What has hands but no feet a face but no eyes tells but does not talk?

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How can you tell if your ex wants you to ask her out again and if she still likes you if She touches and holds your hand and talks about the past and how should you get her back?

Answer . \nThis young woman feels very secure in the fact that you just hang around her. You've split up, but there you still are and she doesn't even have to fight for your attentions. Both sexs (whether they want to admit it or not) can often play head games, and the more you can't have someo (MORE)

What does it mean when a girl looks into a guy's eyes with a smile on her face but it seems like she does it to every guy she talks to?

Answer It's called flirting and she's enjoying every bit of it. Some women know the balance of flirting to a point and then stopping, but many young girls go a little too far and it is almost comical to watch. There are some girls that are just plain full of themselves and think every guy within a r (MORE)

If a guy keeps looking into your eyes and you are smiling but he just has a serious look on his face while you are telling him a funny story what does that mean?

yeah i agree, i dont agree with the creepy thing though Answer what sort of nasty things? uhm .. honestly sounds a little creepy to me, as though hes thinking of doing nasty things to you instead of actually listening to you. or he has no sense of humor. or he has no idea how to respond to (MORE)

Is it okay if your girlfriend heard something about you and wouldn't tell you what it was and wouldn't look at you to somewhat put your hand on her shoulder and push a little so she faces you?

if its something which bothers you already, feel free to ask her again about it but if she refuse to tell, so be it....give her time...re-assess your relationship, something might be wrong. make sure youre not cheating....let her know that your conscience is clear and whatever she is thingking might (MORE)

Can you talk with God face to face as Moses did?

One viewNo, you cannot actually speak to God face to face. However,you can speak to Jesus Christ face to face. Some people maydisagree with this, however, with God anything is possible.Actually, I have heard people say they have seen Jesus Christ, theSon of God before, and then was sent a message. P (MORE)

What do you do when your boyfriend doesn't look you in your eyes most of the time and doesn't talk to me as well as when I tell him I love him - he says it but doesn't look me in the eye?

See dear . . . maybe he is a bit shy . u cannot help it . its what he is . . your question is that does he love you or not . I'M SURE HE DOES . n y he doesn't look at u is simple . . many of my friends too suffer from this problem . . its maybe because he cares for u a lot . he doesn't want to mak (MORE)

People look in your eyes when they talk to you but you cant even look at their face if you do you start to freak out what do you do?

This sounds like a subtype of social anxiety disorder. The most common type of social anxiety disorder is anxiety about speaking in front of an audience. People with this condition can usually have a mostly normal life. The next most common type and probably the type that people usually seek help fo (MORE)

Which new testement book tells what to do if your hand or eye causes you to sin?

Matthew 5:29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out , and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. 5:30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off , and cast it from thee: for it is (MORE)

What causes a baby's hands feet and face to turn purple and red?

I'm no doctor but I would look into the following:. Cold Agglutinin Disease, Raynaud's Phenomenon, Mycoplasma Pneumonia, Mumps, Mononucleosis, Lymphoma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Lupus, Acrocyanosis. Check out the following link for more information:. http://www.coldagglutinindisease.org/cold (MORE)

Is my brown hair and green eyes rare i ask because when people see me this is the first thing they notice and tell me that i have a rare face?

Yes! Green eyes are actually one of the rarest eye colours out there. Some may argue that violet eyes are, but really, violet eyes (I won't get too technical) are blue eyes but the way that the blood vessels are make them appear to have a purple tint. Excluding violet eyes, only 1-2% of the world ha (MORE)

Putting your hands on your face while you talk sends what message to your listeners?

It depends on how you do this. If you place a palm with fingers together on your forehead, this can communicate frustration or exasperation. If you do the same but over your eyes, this is a sign of fatigue or disappointment. If you place your hand over your mouth, this can be a sign of s (MORE)

How can you tell if the guy at your gym is really into you He talks to you and smiles every time you make eye contact and jokes with you but hasn't asked you out?

Well, he's sending off signals that are looking good, maybe he's waiting for a positive reaction back. He may be unsure about how you feel about him and that's why he hasn't asked you yet. Keep in mind, he also may just want to be friends. Talk to friends and family and ask for their opinions. You h (MORE)

To talk with your hands and feet?

Communicating solely with ones hands is known as sign language. This is done by making letters and symbols with the hands, as opposed to verbally speaking. Communication via the entire body, which is often performed subconciously, and thus unknowingly, is known as body language. Some examples of bod (MORE)

What to say face to face when talking to a guy?

Well, there is 4 different things... If you have a crush on that guy then ask him questions like "Howare you today?" Or " Nice hair do you use jell?" Or you can justsmile and then quickly run away?! If you are friends with the guy then just say things like "Hey,whats up, wanna play footie?" Or " H (MORE)

Can you talk to miley face to face?

i can just tell you that if you search her phone number in yellow pages then maybe be you have chances to talk with Miley Cyrus face to face.

If your talking with a girl you like face to face and they hold eye contact for 4 to 5 seconds and she keeps punching you playfully does she like me if so what other signals are there?

OK, so, yes, she probably likes you. *I* definitely would be brave enough to hold eye contact with a guy unless I really liked him and thought he liked me back a little. She might be blushing, and she might be a little fidgety... If I liked the guy, but didn't know if he liked me, I would be maybe a (MORE)

What does it mean when a boy says he likes your shoes and start talking to you and then asks where do you live and you tell him and he stares into your eyes like he's shocked?

It means that he likes you, but he doesn't know how to share his feelings with you. He wants you to become really good freinds with him. Ususally when a guy likes you, he will stare at you, but sometimes he think's your not watching. If he starts to get annyoing, the best thing to do is talk to him. (MORE)

My guy friend always asks me to marry him tells me we are going to prom together next yr and he always touches my arm hand shoulder face when we talk. does he like me or are we just good friends?

He clearly likes you. But do like him? Tell him if you're uncomfortable when he touches you. If he respects you, he will stop. Second of all, how long have u known each other? If he is asking u to marry him so much it becomes annoying, That's a negative. Go to prom together if u like him. But answer (MORE)

How can you talk face to face on Facebook?

Previously you could only use chat. This has, however changed. In the chat window of the person you wish to talk to, there should be a video camera icon, that when hovered over, says "Start a video call with [Name]". You will need a plugin first, and once the FaceBook video chat plugin is installed (MORE)

Why do cats bite hands feet and face?

because the cat is probably mad. if it does this then you should leave it alone. (if your cat does it for no apparent reason, then sorry, you just have a crazy cat.)

What verse in the Bible speaks about being God's hands feet ears and eyes?

It depends on which version of the Bible you are reading. I don't know of any such verse in the King James version, but other translations have taken liberties with the text and may say something like that. Others have taken verses out of context and blended them together for their sermons, so you c (MORE)

How do you show your face on talking Angela?

i heard it said this : they asked her name and she said angle andmissed the e then the said thats spelled wrong she said back sorry*angela and then they said .. are you creepy and she said maybe .then they asked whats your real name and she said i go by j. i justheard this though so idk but i cant r (MORE)

How are you able to tell the positions of your hands and fingers when your eyes are closed?

The same way a blind person does all the time. Your brain is aware of many things that life requires, every day, without conscious thought. You are normally able to move your extremities without thinking about it. If you shut your eyes, your brain will simply do what it normally does, but without (MORE)

What does it mean if you were talking to a guy and he tells you to close your eyes because he is changing his closes and then your open accidentally and you see him playing with his penis?

If you had no idea he was about to do this then you should report him to the authorities as this would be illegal. He was obviously hoping you would spy on him and it is his way of making you feel bad for looking. Just imagine what may have happened if you did not look ! He may have assaulted you. U (MORE)