What is a baby kangooro called?

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A baby kangaroo is called a joey. Joeys are born very early in the gestational period and stay in the pouch for around nine months.

What is a baby giraffe baby called?

The baby is referred to as a giraffeling . The female adult is a cow, and the male adult is a bull. The baby is referred to as a giraffeling . The female adult is a cow, an

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The songtitle is He Called ME Baby. Harlan Howard wrote it, Patsy Cline recorded it in February 1963,Candi Staton in 1971 as He Called Me Baby. Charlie Rich covered i

What are baby turtles babies called?

BabyTurtles are called hatchlings . Baby turtles are born from eggs that the motherturtle lays in nests. . They're called hatchlings because they hatch fromthe eggs. Man
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Why are babies called blue babies?

The term "blue baby" is applied to a newborn born with a circulatory problem that results in a cyanotic blue coloration to the skin. This can be a sign that brain or organ dam
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This completely depends on what you think of the man who is calling you that. If he is your boyfriend and you don't mind being called that as a term of endearment, then its en