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Humans basically
Nothing a snow Leopard is at the top of the food chain.
<Unless you count humans. Humans hunt snow leopards for their thick, beautiful fur, which some people make into clothing. Other people use snow leopard bones for medicine and healing.
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What is a leopard's niche?

The leopards niche in the wild is a very complex yet simple role tounderstand. The leopard is a nocturnal predator which stalks itsprey, with great agility and strength. The leopard, is not pickyabout its food, it will eat any thing it finds even dead animals,or humans. The leopard will kill and sta (MORE)

What are the predators of the snow petrel?

Answer . "Skuas are major predators, but severe weather conditions, especiallyheavy snow that blocks nest entrances, may cause adults to abandontheir eggs or chicks to starve. Egg mortality is approximately 50%while chick mortality is typically 10-15%." http://www.aad.gov.au/default.asp?casid=16 (MORE)

What is the snow leopard's food chain?

The diet of the snow leopard varies across its range and with the time of year, and is dependent on prey availability. In the Himalayas it preys mostly on bharals (Himalayan blue sheep) but in other mountain ranges such as the Karakoram, Tian Shan, and Altai, its main prey consists of Siberian ibex (MORE)

What is a leopard's habitat?

The leopard is apart of the Felidae family, with nine of subspeciesof leopards. It's habitats are forests, mountains, grasslands, anddeserts.

What is a leopard's biome?

Leopards live in grasslands, woodlands, forested areas, and canthrive in temperate and hot climates. They are the most widespreadof the large cats.

What big animals live in a snow leopard's habitat?

The biggest animal that lives in the entirety of the snow leopard'shabitat is the snow leopard itself. Their primary natural prey isthe blue sheep. That's about as big as animals get high in theHimalayas.

What is a leopard's shelter?

Leopards like to lounge in trees. They also make dens where theycan whether created by fallen debris or dug out hollow.

What are the Snow Leopard's enemies?

Actually, the humans are really the snow leopards enimes, humans hunt them for their fur. Other snow leopards, eagles, humans, and male ibex.

How does a leopard's respiratory system work?

belberbunyi pagi pagi masih ngantuk ku tutup mata ku lagi kuteringat harus cepat janji buat KTP di lurah terdekat dari ranjang ku langsung melompat ku siap secepat kilat namun terhentak ketika ku melihat ratusan orang di jalanan yang padat motor mobil gerobak pun saling sikat gimana hoho caranya gua (MORE)

What is a snow leopard's niche?

They mainly hunt animals as their prey? Grassland biomes and they live near high mountain slopes, tree lines, and dense thickets or caves.

What are a leopard's adaptations?

A leopard has many adaptions which make it a successful predator.They have special ankle bones that allow them to climb down treeshead first. They have very large muscles in their head, and jaw,that allow them to carry very large prey up trees, where it issafer. Also, their tail is long for a big ca (MORE)

What is the snow leopard's appearance?

The snow leopard, also called the ounce, lives above the timberline in the high mountains of central Asia, from the Altas to the Himalayas. The animal's fur is long and thick, the ground color of the body being grayish, creamy, or whitish. Only the head has well-defined black spots. The body is mark (MORE)

How long is a snow leopard's tail?

A Snow Leopard Male is 5 feet long and its tail is 10 feet long(Twice as long as the Snow Leopard!).As the female Snow Leopard is 4 feet long and has an 8 foot tail. There tails are made this long so that if they get cold up 1 km from the peak of Mt. Everest, they can rap there tails around themselv (MORE)

What are a snow leopard's predators?

They do have some predators. One of them are humans. People skinthem for meat, or their hides and mostly probably for the moneythat comes from hunting this endangered animal.

What is a leopard's enemies?

Lions and hyenas are the worst non human enemies to leos. We cansay cheetahs a bit but not so much because a leopard can kill acheetah but they are great competitors. Definitely the Lion is the Leopard's enemy. Lions, hyenas, and African wild dogs As a top predator, leopards have few enemies. Howeve (MORE)

What is a snow leopard's behavior.?

Snow leopards are very shy creatures and are most active at night. They are only aggressive when they or their cubs feel threatened and they never attacked a human.

How long is a snow leopard's claw?

A snow leopard usually weighs between 77 to 121 pounds. That's a little smaller than the average mountain lion. Though I have never actually seen a snow leopard's claws, it seems that they could not be any bigger than a mountain lion's (2 inches), or any smaller than a Siberian lynx's (1 1/2 inches) (MORE)

How long are a leopard's claws?

well the claws are used in a fight ,climbing a tree or carrying a prey on a tree and for sure grabbing and kill ing their prey.Because of so many things that leopard do with them,they had to be long enough.they can grow to 3.3 inches

What are facts about the snow leopard's ancestors?

The direct ancestors of snow leopards were the other Asian leopards that live in the lowlands. It must have taken hundreds of generations for the leopards to fully adapt to the extreme conditions in which the snow leopards live today.

What is th description of a leopard's habitat?

Their paws are broad and their ears are soft and short.They have black spots and a gold body. Parts of their body and legs are white.They have sharp wiskers and four sharp teeth.They have green eyes.

Predators of the snow leopard?

it is scientist composer and it does not work like the earths system like any other animal and he likes blood blood cool cold blood and hates humans or else he wouldn't attack human race but it loves its meat and the mother care and love her baby's and feed them but them leaves them to survive by it (MORE)

What are the Predators of the Snow Leopard?

humans, the answer is simple some idioit thought the snow leopard had a nice pelt so he killed a few and made a coat and more and more people liked it so soon the snow leopard was starting to die out and the smart people started to make it illeagle to kill snow leopards but still some people are soo (MORE)

What are the Amur leopard's adaptations?

Long legs for walking through snow. Whiskers for sense of surroundings. Fur to keep warm. Good eye sight, hearing and smell. Strong, so can fight off predators.

What is a snow leopard's method of defense?

Snow leopard's have a few different natural defenses. Their coatsprovide camouflage in the snow, they have long fangs, they havelong and sharp claws, and they have quick reflexes.

Why don' t snow leopard's attack human?

Snow Leopards are the least aggressive wild cat, and won't attack humans. The only time they will attack is if provoked. But, at the same time if they are disturbed while eating they will most likely run away.

What is the snow leopard's prey?

The snow leopards most common preys are: wild dogs, monkeys, wild porcs, birds, fish or, since the snow leopard is carnivore, he also enjoys mammals.

Where are the snow leopard's eyes located?

Because the Snow Leopard is a predator, their eyes are facing forward in their skulls. Prey animals' eyes are located more to the side of their skull so that they have a greater degree of vision in more directions.

What is the leopard's food?

žLeopards are carnivores and will eat any meat item they can find: monkeys, baboons, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, large birds, fish, antelope, cheetah cubs, and porcupines. At the San Diego Zoo, leopards are generally fed carnivore diet, with an occasional large bone, thawed rabbit, or sheep ca (MORE)

What do baby snow leopard's eat?

They drink milk. Then when they r older there mom will bring them back what she just killed. -sources- my love for animals and how much I know about predators. I love to tell people about animals.

What is the leopard's hunting tactic?

They're all solitary hunters, and hunt their prey by stalking and pouncing when close enough. Their camouflaging coats are also very good at hiding them, especially in shady areas with bits of sunlight or around trees. The spots help break up their body lines, and so make them more difficult to s (MORE)

What is a leopard's ememies?

Aside from humans, the main threats are tigers, in Asia, and lions, in Africa. Hyenas may gang up on a leopard and steal its kill. Other than these, leopards have few natural enemies.

What is the north china leopard's diet?

Like all leopards the North China leopards are versatile, opportunistic hunters, typically having more variation in their diet than other members of the Panthera genus. As these cats are rarely seen there is very little known about them, but their prey will include anything they can catch includin (MORE)

What is the snow leopard's danger?

Snow leapords have very valuable body parts, such as their skin andteeth, that can make hunters a fortune. Poaching is the snowleapord's greatest danger.