What is cuckoo bird in marathi called?

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The male cuckoo is called Kokil. The female bird is called Kokil
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What is a cuckoo?

A Cuckoo is a bird. It lays one egg in a nest of another bird species. When the Cuckoo chick hatches, it ejects from the nest the eggs and/or chicks of the birds which built the nest, and is fed all the food by the "parent" birds. The parent Cuckoo takes no part in bringing up it's chick.. The Cuck (MORE)

How long does a cuckoo bird live?

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What eats a cuckoo bird?

\nUsually bigger birds like falcons. But they are also eaten by sharks, snakes, and small mammals like chipmunks.\n. \nSource: http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/information/Coccyzus_americanus.html

How did the cuckoo birds get its name?

It gets its name from its call "cuckoo". Other birds have been named after their calls such as "crow" and "chiffchaff" . It gets its name from its call "cuckoo". Other birds have been named after their calls such as "crow" and "chiffchaff"

What are some basic facts about the cuckoo bird?

the cuckoo bird eats insects including catapillars (however you spell it). it can be a greyish color or cream or mixed. usual small but some kinds of them are quit large.. the cuckoo bird eats insects including catapillars (however you spell it). it can be a greyish color or cream or mixed. usu (MORE)

What are the adaptation for cuckoo bird?

\n. \n a cuckoo birds 1 adapation is that she lay eggs other birds nests. \n also the bird raises his or her tail while flying so he or sne can fly higher. \n.

What does a cuckoo bird look like?

That all depends on what species you are referring to. Please see the link below for various pictures on various species of cuckoo birds.

Marathi word for bird 'kingfisher'?

In marathi Kingfisher is known as खंड्या (khandya), धीवर (dhivar). Refer to following link for more information..

The relationship between a cuckoo bird and warbler?

The cuckoo is a parasitic bird (with only a few exceptions), meaning it relies on other birds to nurture its chicks. So the relationship between a cuckoo and a warbler is that the cuckoo lays one of its eggs in the warbler's nest and the warbler ends up raising a cuckoo chick.

What are chives called in Marathi?

To the best of my knowledge, Chives is similar to spring onion (Paticha Kanda) except that its the leaves of Garlic (Lasanichi Paat) (Hindi: Lahsun ke patte).

What is star sign Aquarius called in Marathi?

The Aquarius star sign in Marathi is कुंभ रास pronounced Kumbharāsa. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, having a fixedair classification and ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus.

What is a leopard called in marathi?

A leopard ( Panthera pardus ) is called बिबळ्या (Biblyaa) in Marathi and तेन्दुआ (Tenduaa) in Hindi. The animal known as चीता (cheetaa) in Marathi and Hindi, is the Asiatic Cheetah ( Acinonyx jubatus venatic (MORE)

What is georges reaction when slim calls Lennie a cuckoo?

He defends Lennie. He doesn't like it when people make fun of Lennie because of how George treated Lennie in the past, and he realised you shouldn't make fun of people or pull jokes on them because it hurts them, like when George told Lennie to jump in the river and Lennie couldn't swim. From then o (MORE)

What is a sheep called in Marathi?

Please do not use special characters. Revise, delete this comment,and resubmit.A sheep in Marathi is known as ēka mēṇḍhī. Marathi isan language that is common in Maharashtra and is an Indo-Aryandialect.

What do you call sheep in marathi?

Eka mēṇḍhī is what you call sheep in Marathi language. This is theofficial language that is used in Maharashtra State.

What do you called Sattu in marathi?

Sattu, is a homemade ready-to-serve sweet powder-mix of wheat and grams (without husk, as available in market), to be enjoyed in paste form after adding milk and / or water. It is a traditional dish, digestable due to grams, and liked by children. The taste varies from home to home. But the procedu (MORE)

What is blueberry called in marathi?

as it isn't indian fruit, it doesn't have any indian name but it is known as neel badari in sanskrit. I don't know how it has a name in sanskrit as it is not native to our country.

What month does the cuckoo bird bird make nest?

"Cuckoo bird" refers to an entire family of related birds. Many species are brood parasites, laying their eggs in the nests of other species, but the majority of species raise their own young. The temperate species are migratory. For species breeding at higher latitudes, food availability means that (MORE)

What is Xerox called in Marathi language?

Actually, xerox is the name of a company which manufactured photo copy machines. So, photo copy is thereafter called xerox. Anyways, in Marathi photo copy is called छायाचित्र नक्कल (chhayachitra nakkal)

What is called Flax seed in Marathi?

Flax seed is called Jawas (जवस) in Marathi. A delicious dry chutneymade out of ground flax seed is a common food item in Maharashtra.

What does the bird cuckoo eat?

They eat spiders beetles, moths, butterflies, caterpillars and insect larvae which they catch with their pointed beak. Some also eat other small animals, like lizards and snakes.

Was cuckoo a real bird?

A cuckoo is indeed a real bird. The different styles of cuckoo are different sizes, but the bird is classified as a medium-sized bird. Cuckoos live in every continent except for antarctica.

Why does Cuckoos called 'parasitic breeders?

Cuckoos don't raise their own young. Instead, a female cuckoo lays her eggs in another bird's nest. The cuckoo chick tends to be bigger and grow faster than the host bird's young, outcompeting them for food, and usually ends up killing them. Some species do seem to realize when a cuckoo egg is laid (MORE)

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