What is nagamani does it exist?

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Nagamani is a myth. Many people have fallen prey to such fake claims. It is said to be a "cobra pearl." See the link listed below:

Just like other myths that Aliens exists, Jesus was reborn on Good Friday, Time travel is possible and Universe has many layers. But these beliefs are supported by scientific THEORIES or ancient texts. Because their existence cannot be supported by verifiable proofs that are 100% facts. So its up to individuals if they want to follow their faith or deny the existence which they cannot see.
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Do soulmates exist?

To some people soulmates seem to be an outlandish thought, but to those who have found theirs its nothing of the sort. Soulmates exist and even from thousands of miles away they can feel eachother's presence and love. They're best friends because they get along almost too perfectly, but perfect all (MORE)

What is existence?

When something is real. It doesnt have to be visible, solid, or felt. Just real. Its like the air for instance. Air exist, so its real. ________ Existence is the state of being or occuring.

Do demons exist?

Answer Yes! but I've never seen any. Answer Nope Answer The Bible says, demons, and/or devils, are angels that have sided with Satan, who was the first angel to sin against God. They do exist, though they only appear invisible to torture extremely stupid/satanic people who mess around (MORE)

Why do we exist?

You exist simply because you can. You have no purpose until yougive yourself one. The only thing at all that you can be sure of isthat, eventually you will return to that from which you came, theEarth. This world is mortal everyone has to die so do good works in thisworld and take care others and (MORE)

Do we exist?

I think, therefore I am is Descartes famous saying on this, the cogito (cogito ergo sum) But, existence can't be proven as, if you doubt your own existence, you will likely doubt the use of the senses.. as the mind gains everything from the senses (though Plato liked to pretend there was an alterna (MORE)

Why does existence exist?

Because God spoke the Universe into existence. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Existence exists because you have a mind capable of perceiving it's existence. And also the big bang didn't hurt. Existence has no known meaning in this realm alone. All existence is desi (MORE)

What rhymes with exist?

Desist, persist, mist, kissed, fist, gist, hissed, list, wrist, insist.. Persist. List twist mist fist

Why do ghosts exist?

Some people say ghost exist because someone might kill the deadperson so it wants to take revenge, but others say it fake becausethey have no evidence saying ghost even exist.

Why does society exists?

Society is here to help us keep things organized, without it peopleand things would be going crazy. People would be able to doanything they want for the worse.

Does chupacabra exist?

well yes I have seen the chupacabra before. Well I saw it's victim actually. It was a dog in the sonoran desert. It was dead. I thaught the heat killed it. but when i went to investigate. I saw 3 wounds on it. No blood. A few days after I saw an episode of lost tapes on animal planet and a similar a (MORE)

Does Wyoming exist?

Yes, Wyoming exists. Wyoming is a US state, located in the western United States. Wyoming is bordered by Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwestern corner of Wyoming. There are other places named Wyoming, such as the Wyomin (MORE)

When did the Aztecs exist?

No mamen los Mayas les metieron rollo no creo que se acabe el mundo en el 2012 y si pasa pz k culos para k lo dicen

Does the illuminti exist?

It definitely existed at one time. It is generally accepted that it disbanded but some people still claim that it existed as an underground society. It is certainly alive in the comic books.

What rhymes with existence?

-- answer -- That depends on how much of a rhyme you want. pence, sense, tense, cents, abstinence, belligerence, deliverance, sustenance assistance distance insistence resistance persistence subsistence Resistance Resistance ANSWER: Existance,assistance, Resistance

How can magic exist?

by askin for help A Pagan Perspective Magic can't exist in a life or mind that refuses to recognize or acknowledge it. For those of us who recognize it and use it daily, magic is a all pervasive as air or water. .

What is existing?

It means being in existence, being real in the present time. The Milky Way Galaxy exists. Subatomic particles exist. On the other hand, the City of Carthage does not exist, since it was destroyed in the past. Hogwarts School does not exist, because it is fictional. Please note that things which exi (MORE)

What evidence exists about the existence of Troy?

In 1871-73 and 1878/9 AD/ CE, Heinrich Schliemann excavated in the vicinity of Hisarlik, a village of the area which was part of the Ottonam Empire at the time, 10 cities one on top of the other since the dawn of the Bronze Age circa 3000 BCE where he found the Treasure of King Priam of Troy and of (MORE)

What community exist in Sahara exist?

I know of one, the Tuareg. Last year, two other girls from my class and I raffled off pies and bought school supplies for children of the Tuareg with the money. A friend of my 6th grade teacher went to the Sahara Desert and delivered them, he has been there several times to help out.

Why do you have to exist?

You don't HAVE to but when you live life to the great extremes it's always a good decision from... god, big bang or whatever you believe in! Whether your life has been bad because of a relationship or an extremely bad score in a test a few days later you feel much better and forget about all those b (MORE)

What evidence exists that Pangaea existed?

There is much evidence that Pangaea existed and that the seven continents used to be as one. Here are just some: 1. The most obvious piece of evidence is that the eastern coast of South America fits almost perfectly with the western coast of Africa. 2. In the fossil record, remains of the ther (MORE)

Why exist you?

Cogito ergo sum or translate to the English «Je pense donc je suis » by Descarte

Why do pickels exist?

Because people take a cucumber and stick it in seasoning and vinegar and some other stuff.

Why the gravity exist?

Gravity exists because the Earth has mass. If the Earth wasmassless, gravity would not exist and people would freely floataway into space. Acceleration due to gravity is always -9.81 m/s^2on Earth.

Does infinity exist?

Infinity only exists in mathematics. It doesn't exist in reality. There is nothing in the Universe that is infinite. The Universe itself is not infinite. It is finite, although it is continuously expanding. * * * * * Perhaps the person who answered the above question should consider whether or n (MORE)

Why do Emulators exist?

Instead of running the original (because they no longer exist , are too expensive or hard to get or dangerous or...) You emulate and run on a different platform that you can afford (can get a hold of, can crash and recover from, ...).

What moods exist?

There are hundreds of different moods! Some of the most obvious (and over-used in writing) are happy, sad, excited, sorry, etc. There's also things like elation, boredom, and dissatisfaction.

Do demigods exist?

Yes, demigods do exist, even now in modern society. They walk among us like everyone else, some completely blind to the fact that they are sons/daughters of a god.

Does Poseidon exist?

Um...the Greek god...No he doesn't, and he never did. Though it would be cool if he did. He was one of the supernatural beings that the ancient Greeks came up with to explain the movements of the weather and other unexplainable happenings.

Do ponies exist?

Yes, ponies do exist. They are basically a smaller type of horse, and can be found at pretty much every local petting zoo.

Did allah exist?

It is not possible for allah to exist as with any all powerful deity it is not possible for allah to produce a rock so large that even they could not move it.

Do manticores exist?

No they do not exist, but are mythical creatures dreamed up by man. As to why we would have to say that they were to frighten people for some reason or other.

What existed when dinosaurs existed?

Bacteria, viruses, algae, ferns, trees much like the ones we see now, turtles, fish, birds (latest thinking is that they existed alongside dinosaurs)... worms, shelled sea life..

Do pheonix exist?

only in Europe , they are scared of Americans using them for the next type of chicken.

Why do climates exist?

Basically because the earth rotates and also travels round the Sun, so the amount of heat from the Sun landing on a specific bit of the Earth varies throughout the day and throughout the year

Did Vikings exist?

The term 'viking' refers to the raiders, merchants, and explorers from Scandinavia that traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and the New World between the 8th and 11th centuries CE.

Why does unemployment exist?

Because the companies cant pay some of the workers. Another opinion: Unemployment happens when;1) Employees are discharged or fired for cause; 2) Employees quit for various reasons, both work related and personal; 3) A slow down in the company's business forces a 'downsizing' due to the economy an (MORE)

Why does mythology exist?

It exists as a explanation to the phenomena that happened in theancient days, and also as a story that could have a good moral forlife. The main reason why mythology was formed was because people didn'thave an answer. They made up the reason why things happened. ex.lightning = Zeus threw down lightn (MORE)

Why slavery existed?

When GOD flooded the earth about 700-900 years egypt was the first to have slaves because their king was the ruler and he wanted extra help for his orders so he asked his servents to go and find people in his city so they found people n their houses that did nothing and made them work and they lik (MORE)

What does opana exist of?

I think you mean what does it consist of? Opanas main ingredient is oxymorphone, which is a very powerful opiate pain reliever.

Where does the cyclops exist?

There are actually several different cyclops. They are considered brothers and live on an island in the eastern Aegean Sea according to The Odyssey . Some references say they are the sons of titans whereas other sources say they are the sons of Poseidon. Another place they may be located is in Heph (MORE)

How does universe exist?

It is unknown, but we must look at facts. And the facts point to science, which leads to the most widely acceptable theory, the Big Bang theory. Which is basically a theory that states there was this ball of matter that exploded and expanded in all directions (still expending to this day).

Why do Angels exist?

Answer 1 The Hebrew word for angel means 'messenger', which tells us what is understood as the principal reason for angels. Angels would not need to exist if God were omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient (all-powerful, everywhere present at once, and all-knowing), since he would not need mess (MORE)

Why Do Lice Exist?

Head lice exist as any other living species: because of evolution. They are insects that have evolved as predators of human blood and dead skin flakes. These kind of insects are known as parasites.

Do you exist?

ofcourse, YES! if i would have not existed then how would i type this answer. :/

What does not exist?

ANything that can't be tested and is not falseifable ( example the supernatural, it exist as a concept but cannot be proven in reality) is beyond the reality of the universe. If it is unkown it is a unkown until you can prove it.

Can existence not exist?

The question is "what is existence?" If the answer is "existence is a concept in the minds of thinking beings" then if there are no more thinking beings the concept cannot exist.