What is the largest waffle building?

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3 stories tall and 1500 sq feet
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What is a waffle?

1: A butter cake (made from heavy pancake batter) made in a waffleiron. Generally, a waffle is thicker and heavier than a pancake.Waffles are pressed in a waffle iron that mak

What are waffles?

Waffles are a breakfast food made from flour, sugar, eggs, andwater. Occasionally, fruit, candy, or chocolate chips may be addedto add to the flavor. Waffles are traditionally

How big is the worlds largest waffle?

The largest waffle ever made was in 1986 in Chicago. It measured over 3,000 square feet, larger than the average American home! Strangely, the waffle disappeared one night, an

What is the largest building in the country of Spain?

The largest building in Spain is the " Universidad Laboral ", placed in Gijón , the largest and most populated city in the region of Asturias. That extraordinary building

What is Mexico's largest building?

Torre Mayor in Mexico City is the tallest building in Mexico and second largest in Latin America. Height: 225 meters (740 feet).