What is the national animal of Wales?

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dragon The Red Dragon is the symbol of Wales and appears on the flag.
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What is the national plant of Wales?

The national plant is the leek and national flower is the daffodil which both are very important to the Welsh on the first of March which is St David's day or in Welsh Dydd g

Animals in Wales?

Wales has many types of wildlife. They have dolphins, puffins,seals, salmon, and several types of wild fowls like sea birds.

Is Wales a nation?

Wales is a nation within a nation. It together with England Scotland and Northern Ireland make up the UK

What animals does Wales have?

Same as any other country! The usual cats, dogs, horses, etc. FACT: there are twice as many sheep as people in wales
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What is the national dance of Wales?

There is no designated national dance for Wales, but as in other parts of the UK in the past there was maypole dancing too celebrate spring.
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Who was the founder of the national eisteddfod of Wales?

The National Eisteddfod of Wales dates back to 1176 when it is said that the first Eisteddfod was held. Lord Rhys invited poets and musicians from all over Wales to a grand ga
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Why is rugby the national game of wales?

It was adopted as such because of the social environment of the country . Mostly farming, Steel/Iron works and of course the Coal Fields generated small village communities. A