What is the population of the viperfish?

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The current population is unknown because of the little information that is know about its ability to reproduce and the depths that they live at.
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What is population?

A population is a number of how many of one thing (humans, animals,etc.) are in one place. Example: The population of people in Sweden is about 9.5 millionpeople.

What is a population?

A population is all the individuals of one species that live in thesame area at the same time. OR All the organisms of the same group or species, which live in aparticular geographical area, and have the capability ofinterbreeding.

What was populism?

Populism, in the context of the late 1800, was a reaction against the dominance of big business. It was mostly attractive to farmers and miners, but also in the cities to some extent. Its key principles were a graduated income tax, coinage of silver (which would have assisted debtors), and an increa (MORE)

What do viperfish eat?

Viper Fish eat other fish smaller than themselves. The viperfish is known to eat crustaceans such as shrimp, squid, and hermit crabs. It is also known to eat anchovies, mackerel, and other little fish. They are predators.

After the female viperfish how do they care for them?

All fish lay eggs, mammals such as dolphins carry their young and then nurse them after birth. THIS IS NOT AN ANSWER TO THE QUESTION. IT ASK HOW LONG DOES A FISH STAY PREGNANT NOT IF THEY GET PREGNANT. Goldfish reproduction : * female lays eggs* male sprays cloud of milt (sperm) to fertilize the (MORE)

Is a viperfish a benthos?

No, the viperfish is not a benthos. This species is classified as anekton and lives deep within the ocean waters.

What is the population and population growth of Italy?

POPULATION: 60,642,308 POPULATION GROWTH RATE: .42% In the first decade of the 21st century, Italy has seen a population growth instead of population decline; due to massive immigration waves within the last two decades..

What is the populations?

As of 2013, the estimated population of the world is 7.13 billionpeople. The 2013 population estimate for the United States is 319million people.

Is a viperfish a plankton?

No the viperfish is not a planton does it look like plankton? It is a fish that's why its called viperFISH!

Where do viperfish live?

Viperfish mostly live in the northern hemisphere and by the equator at about 5000 ft underwater

What eats a viperfish?

Sharks and Dolphins are main predators, even though viper fish look like they shouldn't be messed with!

What was the population?

The census for the population in the United States is recordedevery 10 years. The next population census reports will be done inyear 2020. The government gives all of the information to thepublic. The government also has a live clock that counts births inthe country and in the world. The information (MORE)

How do viperfish reproduce?

There is very little known about the reproductive cycle of aviperfish. It is thought that a female releases an egg into thewater to be fertilized.

How do viperfish eat?

Viperfish has wide mouth with fang like teeth. The fangs are too large to fit inside their mouth. They catch prey by swimming in high speed and thus impaling their prey with their fangs. The fangs act like spears. Viperfish can swallow large fishes because their jaws can expand and they have large s (MORE)

Where is the population?

The population is the people who live in a city or the province or the country. Example: There are about 1 billion people who live in China. There are about 300 million people who live in U.S. P.S. The population is the number of people live in the country

Are viperfish omnivores?

I would imagine not.. From what I know about viperfish, they're very predatory-based. I don't think they eat anything they do not hunt, which would make them carnivorous only. (:

What is the populism?

What is Populism? . Some problems that farmers faced were monopolies. The marketplace was dominated by one or a few powerful sellers who dictated the prices. The railroad was the largest monopoly ,dominated by one or a few powerful buyers. Another problem was debt. The prices were falling dramati (MORE)

Do viperfish lay eggs?

They are an abyssal fish that lay eggs large quantities at a time. This means that the deep sea viperfish, or Sloan's viperfish lives in the abyssal plain of the ocean (the lowest part). This is not fully true as they are also known to live in the midnight zone and the twilight zone of the ocean. A (MORE)

Where does a viperfish live?

A viperfish is a deepwater fish in the http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Genus Chauliodus , with long, needle-like teeth and hinged lower jaws. They grow to lengths of 30 to 60 cm (12 - 24 inches). Viperfish stay near lower depths (250-5,000 feet) in the daytime and shallow at night. Viperfish mai (MORE)

What do viperfish look like?

The viperfish is a strange-looking fish that lives in the deepocean. It has a very large head with a big mouth. Its fangs are sobig that they don't even fit inside this fish's mouth, but insteadlie along the outside of its head, reaching up to its eyes. Itsbody looks small for the head and curves ba (MORE)

Does the viperfish live alone?

The viperfish does live alone and does not travel in groups. Thisinteresting looking fish which lives deep in the ocean waters.

How do you get population?

you go to Everybodys House and count how many people live in that particular House. and Dont forget to count the hobos, they count to you know even If they dont live in a house.

What is the population?

June 2010: 6.80 Billion January 2011: 6.86 Billion June 2011: 6.92 Billion January 2012: 6.99 Billion June 2012: 7.04 Billion January 2013: 7.10 Billion June 2013: 7.15 Billion January 2013: 7.21 Billion June 2013: 7.26 Billion January 2014: 7:31 Billion June 2014: 7:36 Billion (MORE)

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What is Amman's population and population density?

The city has around 3 million people (2011). The metropolitan area has a bit over 5 millions; making it the Levant's largest city. The metropolitan area has more population than Chicago, around the same population as Los Angeles, Paris and Ankara.

Do hammerhead sharks eat viperfish?

Hammerhead Sharks are carnivorous predators. Their diet includes fish, squid, Octopus, Crustaceans and Sting Rays. Sting Rays are one of the hammerheads favorite prey species. Large Hammerhead species esp. the "Great Hammerhead" is known to feed on other hammerhead species as well. Hammerheads are a (MORE)

What is the difference between population and populous?

"Population" is the number of people living in a certain place. A small town might have a population of 117. A big city can have a population of 4 million. "Populous" is an adjective meaning "filled with people". "The side streets of the town were mostly deserted, but they all led to the very populo (MORE)

What is hawaiis population and population density?

Hawaii's population as of 2011 is 1,372, 810 (est.), and the islands have an area of 28, 311 km2 (10, 931 mi2) therefore the population density is approximately 82.6 people per square km or 214 per square mile.

What is the population and population growth?

Population is the amount of people (men, women, children) in one country, city, town, village, area, continent or other place. It measured in tens, hundreds, thousands, millions and billions. Population growth is the noun to the population increase. When there are more children born, the population (MORE)

What is the weight of a viperfish?

Weight of a viperfish (chauliodus sloani) is approximately 23 grams. With a size of 15 to 25 cm (6 to 10 inches), with a life span of 8 years.

What is Oman's population and population density?

Oman population in 2013 is 3,632,444 (UN data). Population structure: - 23% of people are under 15 years old; - 74% of people are between 15 and 64 years old; - 3% of population are older than 64; Data source: Open Datamart