What is the trainers selling price for specialized detection dogs used in narcotics law enforcement bomb squad etc?

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It depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to: -Breed -Bloodline -Tasks trained for (detection, tracking, trailing, attack, etc.) -Experience and reputation of the trainer I've seen and/or heard of prices ranging from $5000 to $15,000 for a fully trained detector dog. It will also depend upon if classes for the handler are included. The importer I use charges anywhere between 6750 to 14000. per canine.
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What laws does the US president enforce?

The US President is not a sworn Law Enforcement Officer, therefore he personally does not have the power to enforce any laws at all. However, he is the head of the Executive Branch of the United States government. It is the Executive Branch which is charged with the enforcement of ALL Federal laws of the United States. The Executive Branch of the US government does not enforce state or local laws.

How is math used in the law enforcement career?

How is mathe used in law enforcement . Math is used by narcotic officers to determine the possible production capabilities of a methamphetamine or crack cocaine lab. The capabilities of the lab can determine the sentence of a narcotic trafficker.. How is mathe used in law enforcement . Math is used by narcotic officers to determine the possible production capabilities of a methamphetamine or crack cocaine lab. The capabilities of the lab can determine the sentence of a narcotic trafficker.

Can a US citizen force the president to enforce immigration laws?

Not personally. The citizen can file a lawsuit in a Federal court challenging the President's current directives to the Immigration services, on the grounds those directives violate a law passed by Congress. It will be ruled on by the Federal judge(s), and they will be the one forcing the President to change his directions, should the judge(s) find the citizen's complains are legally sound.

Why does the US not enforce immigration laws?

Answer \n. \nIf you are a legal alien trying to get into the US the the immigration laws are certainly enforced. A Brit singer who is up for an MTV award has today been refused entry, but it has such long borders that they are impossible to police.\n . \nBut of course there is problems for people trying to come into this country legally..but my question was if the government can find Saddam in a hole 29.000 miles away why can they not find 17 million illegal aliens who jump the border making it difficult for families who want a better life and want to obey the law from getting into this country..why does the government not enforce the immigration laws on the streets of my town and yours? . Answer To reference the above, the prime reason that the Executive appears not to be enforcing the immigration laws are multiple: (1) the physical job of enforcing the laws is impossible. It is simply logistically impossible to prevent the flood of illegals from entering the country - the southern border is too large and too remote to provide any sort effective of physical barrier, and the costs of patrolling the border would be astronomical (on a par with what we spend on the whole US military), and Congress has not deemed it important enough to appropriate the funding to try. (2) Once in the country, the scale of illegals is again far to high to handle - currently, there are an estimated 11 million illegals. For comparison, there are 2.2 million prisoners (in all jail/prisons, at all levels). The law enforcement effort required to round them all up (or even a meaningful number of them) would again be enormous, and prodigiously expensive. And, again, Congress has not decided that this is a high enough priority to allocate the required funds to accomplish this. (3) Whether or not it's popular, the fact remains that the US greatly benefits from having the cheap labor pool that the illegals provide. Estimates are that almost 90% of agricultural labor is performed by illegals, and huge portions of the construction, food processing, and janitorial industries are likewise filled with illegal workers. The illegals currently work for considerably lower wages than a legal resident or citizen would demand, and thus, businesses are happy to look the other way when hiring them. This in turn keeps down the prices that these industries charge the consumer. (4) Besides the ready pool of cheap labor provided by illegals, they also end up paying more into the system than the services they use. Illegals (for obvious reasons) are highly reluctant to have interactions with official government services, and thus seldom avail themselves of services that a legal resident or citizen would use. In addition, as an illegal, they don't have the documents to qualify for most such assistant. However, as virtually all illegals now have forged SS numbers (which are needed to pass the cursory inspection when business hire them), they have payroll taxes and normal federal/state taxes withheld from their paychecks, like any normal legal resident. However, as illegals, they can't file income tax returns, and certainly can't claim any SS benefits. So all those taxes go into the system, and the illegals can't claim any of the services they pay for. (5) The current system of LEGAL immigration is completely broken - it fails spectacularly to allow enough people to satisfy the labor requirements, and has completely idiotic allocations in terms of who/where can apply for those few visa we do allow. Thus, the system itself highly encourages illegal immigration, since the method of granting visas is so convoluted and broken that "jumping the line" by illegally entering is very tempting. (6) Also, remember that a relatively large minority (up to 25%) of "illegals" in the US originally arrived here on legal visas, and simply have overstayed those visas. These tend to be vacationers and students, for the most part. The US currently doesn't have a system which tracks visa users, and once again, Congress has failed to make it priority for funding. So, to put it succinctly: the US immigration system itself is completely broken, Congress fails to allocate enough funding to enforce the laws for the system we have, and businesses (and, in the end analysis, consumers) are addicted to the cheap labor (and lower prices) that illegals provide.

Who enforces the laws in the US?

The Executive Branch. The President of the United States is the leader of the executive branch of government. All of the law enforcement agencies in the United States are also part of the executive branch. The Legislative branch creates the law. The Judicial branch interprets the law. The Executive branch enforces the law.

What drugs can narcotics dogs detect?

Dogs can be taught to identify the specific scent of individual types of drugs. Narcotics detection dogs can typically detect recreational and illegal substances including cocaine/crack, hashish, opium, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, Xanax, and Ecstasy. As new drugs become available or popular, dogs can be taught to detect their scents as well. . Other contributors have said: . If it is so taught to, but concievably without such training it may hone in on a "suspicious" scent. Point is DONT DO/DEAL DRUGS.

How do you get on the bomb squad?

Depends on which squad. A law enforcement bomb squad consists of police officers that have undergone additional training, and have a SECONDARY duty of dealing with explosives- their normal day's work is being a police officer. A military squad consists of engineers and ordnance branch service members. They will undergo additional training in explosives disposal. Both require volunteers that have high test scores for their main occupation, physically fit, higher than average intelligence, ability to receive a security clearance, and stable personality.

What is the bomb squad?

The term bomb squad basically means a team of people ( Normally soldiers or police officers) who use advanced equipment ( Such as bomb disarming robots or Blast suits) to dispose of bombs and other explosives.

Can law enforcement monitor you internet use?

Yes of course they can, though it usually requires them to have a warrent. But in some cases (if severe enough), they can monnitor you doing anything. It's called probable cause.

What laws does the US Supreme Court enforce?

None. The US Supreme Court has no enforcement power; that authority falls to the President, head of the Executive branch of government. The Court does, however, uphold the Constitution through the process of judicial review, which allows the justices to evaluate laws that are relevant to cases under appeal to ensure they adhere to constitutional principles. If the law infringes someone's protected rights, or violates the constitution in any way, the Supreme Court may declare a law unconstitutional and nullify it (make it void and unenforceable). They can't force other parts of the federal government, states, or citizens to follow their decisions, however, which sometimes creates problems if the President or Congress are uncooperative. Although it may seem strange for the US Supreme Court to make a decision but have no authority to carry it out, this rule is part of the checks and balances of the US government, designed to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful. For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What is the most trusted dog trainer in US?

It depends where you live. There are many dog trainers in every area, both good and bad. The best trainers will train using reward-based training methods, and not dominance-theory methods. For instance, if you are in Portland there are a lot of good trainers in dog training portland.

What is a narcotic detective?

A Narcotics Detective is a sworn law enforcement investigator whose area of asssignment and specialty is the enforcement of drug and narcotics laws.

What is the chain of command for US law enforcement?

Although there is wide cooperation (occasionally not) between US law enforcement agencies, there is no nationwide chain-of-command which exercises control over them. Every department is an agency of the executive branch of government of whatever jurisdiction they are formed under. Internally, most departments follow a more-or-less semi-military internal chain of command with a Chief at the top, and then (in descending order) Assistant Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals, Officers. Some department designate the differences in ranks using other terminology (Superintendents instead of Chiefs - Senior Officers or Privates First Class, etc.) but basically the majority of law enforcement agencies follow this model.

How available are law enforcement jobs in the US?

Having a job in Law Enforcement can span across the board. There are so many different positions in the city, state, and federal Law Enforcement jobs, that this is a difficult answer to give. I do write a blog that covers a lot of information regarding the many positions and what each of them do.

Can law enforcement detect marijuana plants from the air?

The short answer is yes. They do look for Marijuana plants from the sky. I live close to DC, and my neighbors had cops find THEIR plants. But they saw the copter and pulled them up before. Also, some plants, like hibiscus, look a LOT like weed from the air. -A.B.

Law enforce did not use at kent state?

The National Guard did not use its remaining supply of tear gas, bayonets, or good judgment. They were angry and frustrated by the protestors, but the circumstances certainly were inconsistent with their claims of self-defense. Even though they lost a trial due to a technicality, Justice Department attorneys concluded: "They were not surrounded." They also concluded that that none of the four fatalities "was in a position to pose even a remote danger to the national Guard at the time of firing." A presidential commission similarly condemned the shootings as "unnecessary, unwarranted, and inexcusable." For information visit www.nrbooks.com/kent-state-newinfo-fourdeadinohio.htm

If you have a Horseshoe Kidney do you have any restrictions such as military law enforcements etc?

I have a horseshoe kidney, I can tell you its a disqualification for the Armed Forces, now the Marines will likely tell you that's all there is to it, but its not necessarily the case. I am currently trying to join the Army with one, now its a "disqualification" but its also "waiver-able" which basically means you and your recruiter can put together a packet of everything about you especially medically wise, with a physical and certain other tests related to the kidney and send it to a place where Army doctors review them and make the decision. While there's no certainty on a "yes" or "no", its a possibility, and worth a chance, contact your recruiter to get more info.

Are Labradors used as bomb sniffer dogs by bomb squads?

In my opinion the best type of dog used for specialty squads like bomb squads and so on, are called Springer Spaniels. BTW: Through my opinion and research over the internet, i have not seen any results of labradors being used for specialty groups/squads in anyway, it is just they are not as good as Springer Spaniels as they are good at searching for items and finding things out. Thank you for posting this question, i have answered it the best i could, with my own opinion and internet/research time.

How are genetic markers used by law enforcement?

Genetic markers, i.e. DNA types, are placed in a national, statewide, or local database, collectively called CODIS. All crime labs with access to the database use the same core markers whereby DNA types can be compared. The DNA type of an nameless suspect in a sexual assault case in CA, say, can be added to the database and compared to the DNA types of convicted offenders entered in other locations. If the DNA type of an offender 'matches' the DNA type of the suspect, the entering labs are notified. Another sample is obtained from the named offender and compared directly to the DNA type of suspect in the sexual assault case. If the 'match' is confirmed, the offender becomes the suspect... There are plenty of rules about who can enter DNA profiles, what crimes qualify to get an offender into the database, who cannot be entered into the database, etc. Typically local/state crime labs do the bulk of both the suspect and convicted offender DNA typing, but the database is managed by the FBI.

How does the US Supreme Court enforce its laws?

It doesn't, for two reasons: . The Supreme Court doesn't enact laws; it issues decisions that may create common law or nullify an existing law, but these are not referred to as "the Supreme Court's laws," because only Congress has the constitutional authority to create new legislation. . The US Supreme Court has no enforcement power over its decisions; that authority falls to the Executive (Presidential) branch of government, and may be supported by new laws passed by Congress. This sometimes creates problems if the President or Congress are uncooperative. Although it may seem strange for the Court to make a decision but have no authority to carry it out, this rule is part of the federal government' system of checks and balances, designed to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful.

What is the mayor us law enforcement agency?

Cities have majors, and in most cities, the major is the head of the local police. Another View: There is NO SUCH title as the "Mayor of Law Enforcement!" You are mixing your titles and/or understanding of the political and administrative makeup of municipalities and their police departments. Political jurisdictions (villages, towns, municipalities, cities, etc) have MAYORS who are the political heads of the executive branch of local government. Police Departments are headed by someone who (customarily) holds the title of CHIEF. The actual rank of the Chief of Police holds within his department is immaterial, but one thing is certain, he is never referred to as the "Mayor" of Police.

How does law enforcement use subterfuge?

Subterfuge can be used legally by police investigators during interrogations of suspects. In some cases, police have used fake witness statements, fake DNA results, fake fingerprints or even fake polygraph results to entice suspects to confess to crimes. The subterfuge is a valuable tool to make the suspect believe that police have irrefutable evidence implicating the suspect in the crime and requiring the suspect to explain that evidence.

What is a dog trainer most useful for?

A dog trainer is very useful in training a dog that hasn't been puppy trained yet. The trainer will teach the dogs tricks as well if you so desire. However, the most important part of training a dog is to potty train.

What is the most commonly used handgun by law enforcement in the us?

This can vary widely according to the needs and requirement of the agency involved. However, overall, probably the most commonly used caliber handgun in use by civilian (and military) law enforcement is the 9 millimeter. VERY few law enforcement agencies utilize a revolver as their standard-issue sidearm any longer, and the semi-automatic pistols have taken over this role. While MANY arms manufacturers produce handguns in this caliber, the Glock is among the most common.

Do bomb squads have bombs?

Yes, they do- to a degree. They will have examples of differentordnance to train with. Most EOD units will also have explosives,used to blow up some bombs when they have been removed to a safelocation.

How will the Silk Road anonymous marketplace avoid detection by law enforcement as they scale their operations?

well silkroad is running as a tor hidden service so both the server and the sellers/buyers are close to inposible to trace. the currency they use is bitcoin a peer to peer crypto currency known for its almost anonymous transaction. the biggest risk is that the buyer needs to give his address to the seller but most sellers have their public key on their profile so if you use that to encrypt your address only the seller should be able to decrypt it with hiss privat key.

Why couldn't the US detect the Japanese when they bombed pearl harbor?

The Japanese fleet was thought by most intelligence officers to be near the Philippine Islands. They sailed with complete secrecy and in total radio silence, avoiding all major shipping lanes and fishing areas. The attack position they settled on was not in the line of any aircraft corridors, and they were therefore able to avoid detection completely. Perhaps adding to the problem was that although the American generals and admirals on Hawaii had been placed on alert, they did little to increase patrols with submarines and aircraft. General Short and Admiral Kimmel were severely reprimanded after the attack.

Do you have to be in law enforcement for narcotic dog?

If you wish for the department to fund the dog's training, yes. However, if you wish to privately own a narcotic dog, you maycertainly do so. Many smaller police agencies actually contract outto the private industry for K-9 services.

How law enforcement are there in the US?

The number of law enforcement officials in the US varies from one year to the next. It can range anywhere from 500,000 to as many as 800,000 or more. This figure includes policeman of all levels.

Why do dog trainers use dog whistles?

Trainers use dog whistles to train dogs or to get the attention of dogs. A dog whistle frequency is not audible to humans but can be heard by dogs even in noisy places.