What should you do if your boyfriend's friends said they thought you wouldn't fit in and it hurts your feelings even though your boyfriend likes you and says he knows you better than them?

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Who are you dating? Him or his freinds?
I went out with him and his friends for dinner im dating him please advise... this is what he told me when i was with him
You missed my point. Don't worry about everyone else or what they think. It only matters between you and him. I would be a lunatic if I took everyone else's opinion to heart. You need to consider the sources of the remarks. Bottom line have confidence, have fun, and enjoy your life.
Yeah I am I just thought why should the guy your dating tell you that if he cares for you shouldn't he protect you re any rumours ...
This site is amazing i have to say, I have never met such people who openly help you out with situations just by friendly advice thank you so much...
Your welcome. Be happy he communicated this to you. From my experience, Honest and open communication is vital to a successful relationship. Always bring up somthing that bothers you if it is important.
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What should you do if you really like your brother's friend but he said he couldn't date a sister of a friend even though he always flirts with you?

Answer . \nTell him how you feel, if he still says he won't date you, tell him to cut the crap.. Answer . \nhes flirting because he wants to do "something" with you. Your probably young, so most guys at this point are really just trying to do "something", not date. And its probably pissing (MORE)

Why should you do if you miss your ex-boyfriend and still love him even though you broke up with him and he's in love with your friend but she doesn't like him?

Answer . \nI believe you think you are in love with him simply because he's going out with your girlfriend even though she doesn't love him. It's great to break-up, but I know few people that once they break-up from that person and they find out they are going with someone else, they suddenly ha (MORE)

What should you do if you're going through a bad break-up where you broke up and said some hurtful things and a week later they are rebounding with someone new even though you know they still like you?

Sometimes scars from this get deep. Any relationship will always have a portion that is fondly remembered. If the relationship goes in different directions than so be it. Otherwise fight to get the old one back , IF that is what you really want. Answer its still a shock to me that this all happen (MORE)

How can you show your ex-boyfriend that you want to be mates like he said even though he dumped you and he thinks you still like him more than you are telling him?

Answer . The magic words here are "he dumped you." I am really sorry this happened to you, but he left for reasons and you must know them. Whether you were the cause of them or not he either wants to move on or you've really hurt him.\n. \nLove should be something wonderful and sometimes those (MORE)

What should you do if your boyfriend's friend has previously lied about your boyfriend cheating and is now saying that your boyfriend has said that you were broken up and that you were bi?

Wow what kinds of friends does he have?if I was in your shoes, I would find out how good of friends they are? Is this friend of his a really good friend, or has he done this in the pass. It sounds to me like this friend is trying to cause trouble between you, look at your relationship, is it healthy (MORE)

If you think your ex-boyfriend still likes you but he says he doesn't even though he told his friends he does could he just be shy if he's 14?

Answer "Ex Boyfriend" . \nI think if your fourteen and your already worrying about stuff like this, there is something wrong. True, he is probably shy but...YOUR FOURTEEN!!! who cares if your "ex-boyfriend" tells his friends one thing and you another you still have DECADES left in your life to fi (MORE)

Should you tell your friend that you like her even though she has a boyfriend?

Answer . \nDEFINITELY NOT. first of all, you're being shady and cock-blocking her boyfriend. second of all, she likes her boyfriend so its not like she is just going to suddenly dump him and go for you. thirdly, if you tell he..where is that going to get you? nowhere. it might even make things a (MORE)

What should you do if you feel scared and threatened by your boyfriend who keeps calling you vulgar names and curses you if you talk to your friends even though you love him?

Threatened by boyfriend \n. \nFrom what you say, it's obvious that you're being abused by your boyfriend, and I don't see how it can develop into a happy, let alone loving, relationship. A worthwhile boyfriend would be **ashamed** to have a girlfriend who is scared of him. Have nothing more to do (MORE)

Ok your boyfriend is in jail and you dont know if he wants to be with you when he get out even though he saids he does Should you trust him or not?

look do you think hes worth it ...do u plan to wait 4 him 4 soo long ...if he is i think u should but im preety sure ull get tired of waiting 4 him. Another thing is he might like u but see right now he needs someone to be there 4him u could be his friends hell apreciate it..it all depends on both o (MORE)

How do you know if your boyfriend doesnt just want sex even though he says he would like to have it everyday but that's not all he wants?

Many people will say anything in order to obtain sex. Your boyfriend might not be in this category, but you can test this by meeting him only in situations where sex is not possible: in public, among family or friends, and so on. See whether he can cope with this.. If he can't, he isn't being truth (MORE)

What do you do when your ex girlfriend says she still has feelings for you and wants to be friends with you even though she has a new boyfriend now and says she loves him?

About that New Boyfriend? . Get it! She has a new boyfriend! Doesn't that tell you it's over? If your X-girlfriend still has feelings for you and want to be friends, it might not mean anything more than that she wants to drop you gently. Get with it! There are millions of girls looking for a boyfri (MORE)

Should you stay with a guy who is immature jealous all the time and hurts you a lot even though both of you love each other and he doesn't fit with your friends?

i have the same exact problem....hes only jealous because he truly cares for you and doesnt want you to get hurt by anyone else because he knows its his job to take of you (his gurl) and your friends should be trying to make it comfortable for him to fit in...not to back off....well if they ARE your (MORE)

I love my boyfriend and have been with him for awhile but one of my good guy friends who does not know I have a bf just told me he liked me and I don't what to hurt his feelings to badly what do I say?

From one girl unto another..... I'm gonna give it to you straight! In your first line you stress, "I love my bf". That should be enough grounds to let the whole world know your in love. Your friends both female and male should be more than over joyed that you have found someone to love. I'm curious (MORE)

How do you tell your boyfriend's friend that yo like him but yo know he doesn't like you but you don't want your boyfriend to find out or get hurt?

I'm sory but that is pretty messed up. If you like this friend then you obviosly aren't that into your boyfriend, so be open with him and end it, then you are free to deal with the friend. If he obviosly doesn't like you then is it really wrth breaking your heart over? if you really want to be with (MORE)

My friend makes fun of everything it's like he doesn't know how to complement people he always thinks his stuff is better than mine even if it's the same what should I do?

It can be frustrating to have a friend like that, I know. I had a friend who always felt he had to be better than everyone else. You couldn't say anything to him without him turning the subject to himself, and exaggerating everything to make himself come out on top. I found there was little I coul (MORE)

How should you feel if your girlfriend says I love you to a friend really emphatically and gets really emotional Should you feel uncomfortable even though you feel like you know what she means?

I feel it may be an easier question to answer if it were phrased differently. I think what you mean is that your girlfriend said "I love you" to another friend and you think you know it was just meant in a friendly manor, but you aren't sure. And you're concerned she may have meant it romantically? (MORE)

Should you break up with your boyfriend after almost two years because he doesn't seem to want to tell his feelings toward you or your future even though he knows what your feelings are?

Yes. If he is not sharing his feelings, then he wont start. Aparrently he is the quiet type. If you can handle it now, you probably can in the future, but if it is bugging you, you should break up with him. When you break up with him, tell him why. Maybe he can fix it by learning to share his feelin (MORE)

What do you do when you have a friend that likes you and you like them back but their Boyfriend is your friend also and she wants answer how do you say that without hurting anyones feelings?

You can tell her. This is a really tough situation. If she breaks up with her boyfriend for you, that could end up with him hating you or whatever. But since love knows no limits yahta yahta yahta, do whatever you think is right. If you think that is telling her you like her, her breaking up with he (MORE)

How do i 'get in' with my boyfriend's friends- They don't dislike me but i never get invited out with them all. How do i make them and my boyfriend include me even though its been 2 years?

hi. im a 15 year old boy with a 14 year old gf whom my friends don't particularly like. i went out with her the 1st time which failed since i was unable to set my priorities str8. However, after some time i realised she was waaaay more important than anyone else, so i asked her out and we've never l (MORE)

Should you tell her your new female friend that you want to be more than friends even though she already has a boyfriend?

If she doesn't show affection towards you and makes it apparent she wants to leave him for you, accept it and keep her as a normal friend. Get over her and look for other girls, there's enough. Of course it's still up to you what you really do. By telling her you might even break a certain barrier t (MORE)

How do you tell your friend how you feel about her even though she has a boyfriend?

If she's happy with that boyfriend leave her! If you really liked her do you want to risk her realtionship? She doesn't know how you feel and keep it that way until she breaks up with her boyfriend. I wouldn't give advice on her relationship either, you might be a little biased and end up hurting he (MORE)

You did your best to let this guy you're in love with to let him know how you feel though it feels like he does not share your feelings and thoughts Is it better you should stop talking to him?

If he does not feel the same and you are so in love with him that you have opened up your heart and let him know how you feel, and he gave you the impression that he does not feel the same, then to stay friends. It would be difficult if one person is in love and the other see the whole situation fri (MORE)

A girl once liked you but know weeks later you ask her best friend if she stll has those feelings and her friends says she asked her and she said that now she could not see us being more than friends?

Obviously, this girl is covering up for her best friend. You must remember, this girl and her best friend are closer than you and her. So she must likely would lie to you to make her best friend (the girl that likes you) appear to have moved on. But, this girl might be saying the truth. It depends (MORE)

Should you date your sister's ex-boyfriend even though she still likes him. You really like him a lot and he says he is over her. When she found out she was so mad and you just dont know what to do?

Oh no! Boundaries mean limits we should never cross. Men who have dated, liked, or had sex with a family member or a friend of yours are always off limits. That would not be a good idea at all. And, he's not much if he is willing to go from sister to sister. I wouldn't even consider him a friend! (MORE)

I like one of my friends resent ex boyfriend's and he knows I like him and I think he likes me what should I do did I say hes totally hot?

I had the same problem not too long ago, need i say it didnt go down too well. He and I were very good friends, and he and my best friend began dating. They only lasted 2 or so weeks. around 2 months after the break up, we began to like each other. When he asked me out hell broke lose. I lost my bes (MORE)

I like one of my friends resent ex boyfriend's and he knows I like him and I think he likes me what should I do did I say he's totally hot?

In my opinion talk to your friend about it. Be sincere and try to be as kind as possible. If you guys are really good friends then you'll at least be able to talk. If this does not work then try to talk to him (not about your friend) about each other and try and make a better connection. If your fri (MORE)

Should you tell him how you feel even though you know he doesn't feel the same way?

yes, it might make him realize how much he cares about you and feels the same way AND this is coming from my own experience most guys want sex if u ask a guy out he would say yes as long as he got SOME sexual intercourse even if he doesn't love you but doesnt have anything against you he will say ye (MORE)

How do you ask your friend out even though you know he likes you?

YO! Come on stop being a wimp... well here"s a tip...you invite him over u go for a walk. You do first simple questions like how was ur day, what were you doing, and then give him so compliments like u lost weight,oh wow u workeed out!. Then u come well i know we've been friends for a long time. I (MORE)

How do you get your friend to breakup with his girlfriend even though you know he likes you?

Just continuously tell him and have your other friends tell him too. One of my friends, who I used to like, was dating this mean girl who is just weird and we told him probably 500 times to break up with her, and he knew that I liked him, but he still did. And he thought that it was so I would ask h (MORE)