When do turkeys start laying eggs?

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Turkeys begin to lay their eggs during the spring. They only lay eggs once a year and it's rare that they lay eggs in the fall.

When do turtles start laying eggs?

That varies with different species of turtle, as well as with the health and living conditions of the turtle. For sliders, males need about 3 years for sexual maturity, females about 5 years. Floating turtles start to develop in 3-4 years. So in three to four years, make a nice dry area with a lo (MORE)

When will the hens start to lay eggs?

Hens will lay eggs around 5-6 months of age depending on the breed. If you want them fertilized you will need a rooster, although having a rooster is not essential for having eggs (they sure are entertaining though!). Some breeds are slow to mature and will not start to lay before 7 to 9 months. (MORE)

At what age does a hen start laying eggs?

Answer . They usually will start laying eggs at about 20 weeks.depending on whether they are feee roaming or in a coop. If they are fee roaming they can start laying as late as 23 weeks. . It's true that they do not need a rooster to lay eggs, but they do need a rooster for the eggs to hatch.

How old are chickens when they start laying eggs?

Old enough for the ole Colonel to get a hold of them! I like mine crispy! I started raising my first batch of chickies {12} in March. All survived, and I ended up with 9, yes, 9 roosters. The remaining hens just started laying. The first egg I got was on 08/08/08....HONEST. Today, 9/7/08, one of my (MORE)

How many eggs can a turkey lay?

Turkeys lay from early spring to early summer, a span of about 4months. During that time the turkey will lay 12-18 eggs and thensit on them. If you collect their eggs they will continue to lay,eventually producing an average of 1 egg every 2 days for apossible total of 80-100 eggs. Most people who b (MORE)

When do chickens start laying eggs?

they start laying eggs when they are 5-6 months old. they start laying eggs on a regular basis at the age of 9,10,11,12 months old it just depends

How long will it take before a turkey lays her eggs?

Turkeys usually come into maturity in about 4-6 months, and as a good practice, mating a year after they are born. They, unlike their counterparts, chickens, come into season once a year, and only for a month or less. Domesticated turkeys can season after rearing a cluch. and produce two, somtimes t (MORE)

How long after mating do turkeys lay eggs?

The average turkey will lay 110 to 115 eggs in a 28/30 week period.. The gobbler's sperm is stored in the hen's oviduct, so that fertilized eggs may be laid up to four weeks after mating. One mating is usually sufficient to fertilize an entire clutch. A hen lays an egg nearly every day until her ne (MORE)

When does a hen start to lay eggs?

This will vary depending on the breed of the hen. You can expect the first eggs sometime around week 20 (5 months) Some hens take a few weeks longer to produce. Give them a boost by feeding a "Laying pellet" type feed that is a bit higher in protein and minerals needed to form good solid eggs..

How can you tell when a chicken starts laying eggs?

Sometime late into the fourth or early into the fifth month the pullets will begin to practice egg laying. They will investigate the laying boxes and often settle into one with no resulting egg. The first eggs are often very small and sometime misformed. They are not always found in the nesting boxe (MORE)

When do ducks start laying eggs?

Usually in early spring. That is in the US. They will make another nest if the first one is distroyed or the eggs are eaten by predators.

What age do silkies start laying eggs?

Silkies start laying (usually) between 7-9 months, which is later than most chickens, I have an 8 month old that hasn't started laying yet, but a plus to that is, the later in life your silkies lay, the more eggs you will get, and the more consistent with laying she will be.

What age do quail start laying eggs?

Here's my limited experience: Bobwhite quail hatched on 5/13/09. One egg was laid on 9/16/09. No other eggs to date. I have 5 males and 7 females housed together in a 3X5 raised pen. The pen is outdoors in Georgia. I had read that egg laying begins at 5-6 months, but one of mine obviously laid at 4 (MORE)

Do wild turkeys lay eggs in the dirt?

No they make nest in the wild. Usually under fallen trees or in thick areas to have some overhead cover. About 1/3 of the hens are killed by coyotes in our area while on the nest. They try to remain camouflage while a predator is near so for a coyote it just a follow your nose game for them.

Do turkeys lay eggs in trees?

"No. Turkeys can't fly." Wrong answer....turkeys DO fly. They will not lay eggs in a nest in a tree however. They make nests on the ground in thick cover and that is where they lay their eggs. Hope that helps.

At what age do ducks start laying eggs?

Domestics? If so, it very much depends on the breed.. If it is a alying breed, such as Campbells or runners, they will start around 5 months old. Meat breeds can take a few months more.

When will your aracaunas start laying eggs?

Araucana hens are considered a moderately early maturing breed and will often produce their first egg at about 20 to 24 weeks of age. Purebred Araucana hens are rare so the pullets age at first production will vary depending on the gene mix. Eggs from a purebred Araucana will average 55 grams or sma (MORE)

When do turkeys start to lay eggs?

According to North Carolina's agricultural department, "Turkey breeders start to lay eggs for hatching at 32 weeks of age. They are artificially inseminated each week during their egg production period which is approximately 25-30 weeks."

How many eggs do turkey lay?

Most hens (female turkeys) lay a clutch of 12-14 eggs per spring. If a nest is destroyed by a predator, the hen will get bred again, and then lay another clutch of 12-14 eggs.

Your female barb is starting to lay eggs what do you do?

Barbs are egg scatterers. The female sprays her eggs as she is being chased by a male. Unless you have them spawn in a separate tank where the eggs can develop after you have removed the parents there is nothing you can do other than to prepare another tank for the same thing to happen again. Then y (MORE)

When do bantam start laying eggs?

I would say one year after they hatch ( hope I am right!Type your answer here... Um no. Typically, chickens of any type, bantams included, start laying at about 4 to 6 months old. If you have a chicken that's a year old and not laying, have you listened for it to crow? It's probably a rooster.

When did chickens start laying eggs?

Female chickens (hens) generally start laying eggs at around 20-24 weeks of age. Some breeds take longer. They don't need a rooster to lay eggs and if you are lucky they will lay an egg per day. Again this depends on the breed, with some chickens laying an egg every few days. They lay less over wint (MORE)

When does chicken start laying egg?

It really does depend on the breed of Chicken. The most common breed comercials can lay from between 5-7 months old and in some cases 4 months old, if there ready. Laying Breeds tend to lay ealier as they are LAYING breeds, breed for early laying age and better amount of overall egg production. The (MORE)

When do mallard duck started to lay eggs?

according to my study of mallard ducks this is impossible because mallard ducks are all BOYS! By ID1281088566 Ignore ID1281088566, he doesn't know what he's talking about. One of my mallard hens started laying at about 6 months old, in October. They usually don't lay until spring, and I'm su (MORE)

Do turkeys lay eggs in winter?

I have two white female turkeys, hatched this spring. They both started laying eggs at the first of January and have each delivered one egg every other day and sometimes two days in a row. I had read that domestic turkeys average 80 eggs per year and I'll be counting our eggs to see how we rate agai (MORE)

What age to chickens start to lay eggs?

Hens start to lay around 6 months depending on the breed. Different breeds start at different times. All breeds will start laying before they are 1 year old. Move them into a big pin with nesting boxes (so they can get used to them) when they are 5 months old.

How many years will turkeys lay eggs?

Turkeys live from 3 to 13 years depending on their genetics, diet and disease exposure. How long the hen will continue to lay depends a lot on her genes, diet and environment, but consider that she will lay some eggs every year until she dies. Some breeds will only lay 30-50 eggs per season if the h (MORE)

Where do turkey vultures lay eggs?

Seems like they are always flying or eating carrion. But Turkey Vultures lay their eggs in Turkey Vulture Nests. North American Turkey Vultures build their nests in caves or simple rock indentations and on ground where there is some protection. They commonly do not build nests high up in trees