When jack James Jim and Jane stand by age jack being the youngest stands first while James brings up the rear however when they stand by height Jim being the shortest stands first while James co?

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Can you defecate while standing up?

Yes you can defecate while in a well rested standing position. You need to slant your back and bend your knees and push. Yes. Bend over and touch your knees as you push. Doi

What does the M stand for in the James Bond films?

M's real name is Vice Admiral Sir M iles M esservy. In the films, actor BernardLee's portrayal of the character was faithful to Ian Fleming'sdepiction of M in the novels.

Can you have a seizure while standing up?

"Not improving this answer, but adding to it...A neurologist (1st appt) today, told me that YES, you can. I had an "episode" about 2 yrs ago in a store, and he said it may hav

Was James standing at the cross with jesus?

None of the New Testament gospels mentions James standing at the cross with Jesus. In fact, the synoptic gospels quite clearly say that none of the disciples was there. On the

Can you poop while standing up?

There is a muscle, called the puborectalis, that loops around the very lowest part of your intestine and chokes off your bowel like a lasso. It's because of this muscle that y
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What does the l in James l day stand for?

the l is actually the first letter od somewones middle name. it stands for Lewis and the full name is James Lewis day. he was a general
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What did James Monroe's party stand for?

He stood for the rights of all American citizen whether their white or black, know matter the situation each individual had there rights and they couldn't be compromised for a