Where does the Maine coon in Maine live?

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the coon cat roams free throught maine or is a hous cat and the maine racoon lives in woods and forest, ive even seen some in the city before like portland, they really like any place with trees.
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What is a Maine Coon?

The Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat with a distinctive physical appearance.It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine, where it is the official State Cat.

How big is a Maine coon cat?

Generally they tend to be larger than other breeds, but not all of them are very large. They tend to grow *long* (as opposed to wide or thick), so that their true size is hidden beneath the long fur while they are seated or standing, until you see them stand on their back feet, or manually stretch t (MORE)

What do Maine Coon cats eat?

Maine Coons are carnivores. They eat fish, chicken, tuna, turkey in fact almost anything and milk but pet food are usually better for them. .

Is a main coon a cat?

Yes a Maine Coon cat is real. even though they are very large they are in fact real. i have had my Maine coon cat (Evie) for 5 years. They are very large but very very kind.

How do you tell if your cat is a Maine coon?

Well Maine coon cats are very large and very fluffy. But when they are kittens it is hard to tell. but i can tell you that Maine coon cats are usually from a breeder and don't "run wild".

How wild is a Maine coon cat?

I have a Maine coon cat.She's black and has mood swings between when you mess with her,cuddle with her,or play with her.She's wild because we found her outside of my moms apartment.So if she's not wild then she really shows that she's wild.And she can climb and run very fast.That's how wild a Maine (MORE)

How can you tell that your cat is a Main Coon?

To make sure you have a Maine Coon cat you can check it's forehead and if it has an M for Maine Coon then you have a Maine Coon. I hope I helped. alot of cats have M's on their forhead but main coons do. They are mostly long hair, they're feet are usually more stubby then most cats because their (MORE)

Can a Maine Coon be an outdoor cat?

Maine Coon Cats can be outdoor cats. As long as you keep a collar or an id chip on them it will be fine. You will however, be dealing with sopping wet fur at times if it has rained. But without seeing the outdoors all cats breeds, pure or mixed will get annoyed. Even if you keep your cat on a harnes (MORE)

How big does a Maine Coon Cat get?

Maine coons grow to be about 20 to 30 pounds. Their height is usually 30 inches or less. A Maine coon bigger than 30 inches is regular. They grow to be about as big as a small dog.

What is the largest Maine coon cat?

The 2006 Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Cat is Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red (a Maine Coon breed cat), and is 48 inches tall from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail and weighs 35 pounds. He holds the record for Longest Cat. My kitty will beat him soon. Haha

How big is a Maine coon?

My Maine Coon is only a bit over 12 lbs. but can stretch out in length from tips of toes on hind feet to tips of toes on front feet a length somewhere between 3 and 4 feet. However I find his most impressive trait to be the total calmness and confidence he has, it is as if he is totally convinced th (MORE)

What colors are Maine Coon cats?

We had a white and black cat that was a Maine Coon. Maine Coons can come in a huge variety of colours, usually in the tabby and solid patterns. However, Maine Coons are never found in "colourpoint" patterns.

Can Persians be Maine coons?

No, the Persian and the Maine Coon are distinct breeds. A cat can, however, have both Persian and Maine Coon in its ancestry, of course.

Are Maine coon kittens small?

if o Google you can see pics of a Maine coon kitten and they are pretty small so i would have to say a Maine coon kitten can be big but they are small

Do Maine coon cats shed?

Yes, they shed. As with others animal, proper nutrition and grooming minimize problems. I have found, however, that my Maine Coons do not require the amount of brushing that other long hair breeds, such as Persians, require. That being said, they are so sweet and lovable and full of personality (MORE)

What do Maine Coons eat?

Maine coons, like all other cats, eat meat. They eat the regular dry/wet food that you would feed to any other cat.

Which country did the Maine Coon originated from?

It's unknown where they actually came from. There are rumors that they came to America with the Vikings, and that the Maine Coons descended from a group of pet cats that the French queen Mary Antoinette sent to Maine when she was planning her escape from prison. But most breeders seem to think that (MORE)

Are Main Coon cats hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately not. However, don't let this stop you from having one of these gentle giants. There are many ways to reduce allergens in your home and allow for you to own a cat. 1 - Keep your cats indoors only. When they go indoor and outdoor, they clean themselves more often, shed more, and bring i (MORE)

What does a Maine coon cat eat?

It Is a carnivore. It eats meat. I have one my self and it eats cat food. He doesn't like non colored food. He loves meow mix and the 9 lives can food with the meat and stuff. Hope this helped!!

Is are Maine coon cat endangered?

They used to be so endangered that they were declared extinct in the 1950s, after the introduction of the Persian in America. But the Central Maine Cat Club was formed to protect the Coons in the 1950s and now, it's the second most popular cat breed in the world! Sources: Wikipedia

How do you get your Maine coon to like you?

You need to get a kitten of Maine coon of under 1 year 5 months.And treat him very nicely.Don`t be rude at him if he does something wrong,just spray little water at him and throw a lot of water,this could make him ill.Give him treats,play him his favorite tune and pet him gently before going to slee (MORE)

How old do Maine coon cats live?

Maine coon cats can live from 10 to 16 years but some can go to 20 years!Thats amazing but if we are not talking about only Maine coons than the longest living cat was of 34!

Maine coons live what climate?

Maine coons like to live in cool places but they can live in warm place keep in mind they like cool places better but warm is fine to

What is the Maine coon cats history?

One legend says that Maine Coons are the decendents of Marie Antoinette and that they were smuggled into America before she met her end in the guillotine. Another say that they were brough over on ships to catch rodents. Most belive that they are the decendants of Short-haired cats that mated with e (MORE)

What eats Maine coon cats?

Maine Coons are a very large breed of cat, so only large predators would be able to hunt something as big as a Maine Coon. Large dogs, coyotes, wolves, anything that is big enough to eat a Maine Coon. Large birds of prey, if desperate enough, may be able to eat a kitten. .

Can Maine coons be short haired?

No, Maine Coons can never naturally have short fur, and usually is longhaired or semi-longhaired. This breed has a very distinctive look, and is well-known for its long, flowing coat to protect it in harsh winters.

Does a Maine Coon have predators?

Dogs, coyotes, wolves, anything that is big enough to eat a Maine Coon. Hawks, owls, and eagles to- they would eat a kitten. Possibly an adult.

Can a Maine Coon open a door?

I have a cat that I think may be a Maine coon... I guess that it really depends on the cat if it can open a door or not

Can Maine Coons Talk?

Maine Coon cats have a reputation for being vocal. They are, however, limited to normal cat-type vocalizations... they don't actually speak a human language.

Where can you buy a Maine coon cat?

I adopted mine at the Humane Society. They didn't identify him as a Maine Coon, but when I took him shopping with me at Pet Food stores many people asked if he was a Maine Coon. I looked it up, he seems to be. Never seen a cat so relaxed and calm.

Do Maine coon cats get big?

Yes, Maine Coon cats are very unusually large cats, but they are also probably the calmest gentlest cats there are.

How do you diterman your cats a main coon?

Maine Coons are unusually large cats, but unlike many breeds you cannot go by fur color pattern as they can have almost any pattern. Look for traits like: . extremely calm & relaxed . "trilled" meow . medium to long fur . fur between foot pads . a ruff . if you have several cats the Maine Co (MORE)

What is unique about a Maine coon?

They are especially social and smart cats. Take the time to teach them to fetch and play other games. Mine loves to shower with me. You never know what he will think up next. Mel is eleven years old and I have loved every minute.

Where to buy a Maine coon?

You can buy a Maine coon in any pet shop because they are cats and cats are the most popular pets of the world.

Do Maine coons get on with ducks?

Yes Maine coons are big cats so they can eat many kinds of birds like pigeons,sparrows,budgies,lovebirds,parrots,hens including ducks.

What is proper housing for a Maine Coon?

U should keep it in a quite and cold place,they can sleep any soft and comfortable things like bean bags,baskets,pillows and sometimes they will come and sleep on your laps.

Why are Maine coons called so?

Its called Maine coon because it is originated in Maine part of north america and the coon part because they look like cat and raccoon mix.

Does a Maine coon cat have hair?

If you mean by fur, then yes, maine coon cats have a functional fur coat to protect themselves from the cold winters of Great Britain, where they were originally found.

What is the definition for main coon kittens?

The "Maine Coon" is a breed of cat native to North America. "Kittens" generally refer to young, domesticated cats - thus a Maine Coon kitten would be a young Maine Coon that is being raised as a pet.

What are Maine coon cats?

Maine Coon cats are the largest domestic cat breed. They are quitedistinctive in appearance; they have long, thick coats and theirexceptionally bushy tails and long "tufts" on the tips of the earsare classic characteristics of the Maine Coon. This breed are usually described as "gentle giants". The (MORE)

When do Maine coon cats sneeze?

Like all cats they will sneeze if there is something like dust irritating their nose or they have a respiratory infection.