Which dog is the biggest Akita or German Shepherd?

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American Akita's are a bit taller and generally heavier than GSD's. Japanese Akita's are smaller. According to breed standards Akita's of either gender can hit 100lbs, whereas GSD's are in the 90's.
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What is the origin of the German shepherd dog?

\nThe German Shepherd dog was developed from prick eared European herding and farm dogs in the late 1800s. During 1899 a German dog fancier and cavalry officer, Captain Max Von Stephanitz, purchased a herding dog named Hektor Linksrhein that greatly impressed him. He brought the dog to his vast Estate in Grafath Germany. Von Stephanitz subsequently renamed the dog Horand v Grafrath. On April 22, 1899 Von Stephanitz, Adolf Meyer, Ernst Von Otto and others, formed the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV) in Germany. The translation of this name is roughly, "The German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany". The SV started a registration book and Harand v Grafrath became the first registered German Shepherd Dog. On Sept. 20, 1899, the SV adopted a breed standard based on the proposals of Meyer and Von Stephanitz and later held its first specialty show at Frankfurt-am-Main, using the titles Sieger and Siegerin. The development of the German Shepherd Dog had begun.

Are German shepherd vulnerable dogs?

Vulnerable? Umm, who on earth told you that? They are perfectly capable of defending themselves.

Do German Shepherd dogs swim?

German Shepherd Swimmers . GSDs swim brilliantly. But you should expose your pup to the water early and often, so they do not develop a fear or are apprehensive about getting in the water when they are older. GSDs like routine and they thrive off of their human leaders, so make sure you spend a lot of time socializing them, introducing them to new situations (like swimming in a lake) and pampering them with love.

What kind of dogs are German shepherds?

They are the most wonderful breed I have ever had the priveledge to know. (oh yeah) They were bred to herd and guard livestock and the German Type is robust, stout, ever vigilent, brave, loyal, large, smarter than your average bear, if you get a great dog like this, you should find a great trainer. In the USA we have bred them differently to be more of a show dog. Some of them are magnificent, more refined bodies are leaner and they do well if well bred. The K9s you see with Service Personal are usually from great German stock and they protect our Military, Police, Sheriff's, (if they are Lucy enough to buy one), ATF, Thearpy Dogs and Search and Rescue for the living and the dead. They are truly magnificent. If poorly bred, they develope diseases common to the breed type and if you were to purchace one, it would be a great idea to find an excellent breeder with high morals. If you buy unwisely, you run the risk of great heartache for you and your beloved shepherd. Always ask to see the parents. Make sure everyone in it's family has been OFA'd and DNA'd for the stud dogs. It just saves heartache if you do the home work. German shepherds are the best i lllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee these dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

What is a German Shepherd Dog?

An agile, strong, balanced large breed of dog. The snout is long and narrow, ears are pricked. Tail tapers to a point and is carried low. Color, typically black and tan, sable, black, or red and black. Loyal and strong, protective and smart. Highly trainable and biddable. German Shepherds are powerful and third most intelligent dogs inthe world. 75% of police dogs are German Shepherds. GermanShepherds have extremely powerful bite force and have definedpointed ears (non-cropped) and thick fur which is usually tan witha black sadle and dark snout. German shepherds are fierce and loyalguard dogs but gentle and caring family dogs that will stay by yourside through thick and thin. Third most popular dog in the world(MORE popular than golden retriever.) There are several types of German Shepherds today and to give you asimple ,understanding of each one,not to go in detail. All of themare related and posses the same basic characteristics : loyal ,friend , ability to work and protector.

Akita vs German shepherd?

read all of it!!!!!!! The Akita easily They are heavier and stronger with larger heads and jaws. A larger head = more biting power. The German Shepherd is a fantastic dog, but the Akita goes far beyond a German shepherd and for a companion and guard dog I would have to go with the Akita, it is capable of killing to protect its owner & family dependent of situation. They're highly intelligent and make the best protector for a family. Before world war 2 in japan when bear hunting was legal they used to hunt bears and most of the time kill the bears if you don't believe me listen to this quote Michio Ebisu says "I was walking in the forest and my Akita was with me when suddenly I was attacked by a bear my Akita jumped at the bear and used all it's weight to tackle the bear to the ground it then it bit the bears neck holding it in a lock and the bear was dead in no time." lets see a German shepherd do that

When are German shepherd dogs fully grown?

2 years of age is generally considered an "adult".. accually 2 yaers of age is cosiderd mature but 2 and 5 months is a adult

What on earth is a German Shepherd dog?

A German Shepherd is a fantastic breed of dog used for Herding, Guarding and many other purposes.

Are German shepherds good dogs?

Germen Shepards are good dogs if you train them properly. GermanShepherds are one of the best family/guard dogs around. They areexceedingly intelligent and brave and really seem to understand youand how you are feeling. The only downside to them, and every Shepherd owner will tell you this, is when you loseone to death it is like losing a piece of your heart. You willnever get over it.

What characteristics do the dog German shepherd have?

A German Shepherd should be protective yet loving animal who does his best to always please you. They are a high energy breed and will train you if you don't train them though.

How do you say 'German Shepherd Dog' in German?

The translation for English: "the German shepherd dog" is German: "der Deutsche Schäferhund ". "Deutscher" = German, "Schäferhund" is a compound word of "Schäfer = Schafhirte = shepherd" and "Hund = dog".

What dogs do German shepherds get along with?

A dog who has had the house and family to himself may not welcome another dog in his "den," and may resent having to share his family's attention. Any dog will get along with a German shepherd. The key is on the how to introduce the new dog... Read more here... http://dogtime.com/bringing-home-a-second-dog-aspca.HTML If you want your dog to be playful with the other, get a dog relatively the same size. I know from experience some dogs are intimidated by larger dogs and tend to act up. (hope it helped!!)

Is a German shepherds bit stronger than an akita?

Definatley not. An Akita is a fighting dog whearas a GSD is a Herder. An Akita has a higher pain threshold and could ruin a GSD witrhin a few minutes if it really had its mind set. They are a much more powerful breed over all.

Is Akita Mixed with German shepherd a Mix?

We live with an Akita/Shepherd " Hybrid ". I have researched the " mix " extensively.. Opinions vary greatly. One hardcore dog fanatic likened breeders who intentionally mix the two breeds, as irresponsible, saying that there were enough unwanted " mutts " in the world. I happen to love mutts and believe, that mixes are usually healthier animals, less subject to inbred predispositions to health problems. I have also read that some people refer to the Akita/Shepherd mix as a highly desirable " Designer Breed ", and considered them to be a status symbol. I lean towards this opinion. Bare in mind that we LOVE this animal, as do just about everyone who meets him. Historically, the original Akitas were mixed with other breeds to begin with. Great Danes were one of the breeds that the Japanese mixed them with. I noticed Dane traits before I was privy to that info. In summary, call Akita/Shepherd a mix, a mutt, a hybrid, or a designer breed. Or you could call it what my Vet called him.....A GREAT DOG. I am sorry if you were looking for an AKC definition.

Can you shave a German Shepherd dog?

i guess you could but it would look UGLY if you did so don't try too shave it if that's what your gonna do!

What are the differences between Akitas and German Shepherds?

\nCompare the two breed standards, see links below. \n. \n . Akitas were developed in Japan, German Shepherds in Germany. * Akitas were originally developed as hunters, German Shepherds as sheep herders. \n . Akitas and German Shepherds are generally the same height, but on average an Akita will probably weigh a little more. \n . Akitas are a very ancient breed, while German Shepherds are relatively knew (established in 1899).\n . on Stanley Coren's Intelligence of dogs scale, Akitas are ranked 54 (average working obedience) while German Shepherds are ranked 3 (brightest dogs).

Features of a German shepherd dog?

A GSD should have: . Broad head . Almond Eyes . Sabre Tail . Wide Muzzle . Powerful Body . Dense Fur

What do German shepherd dogs do for the police?

multiple things they are excellent guard dogs very good snifer dogs so useful for drugs and sniffing out criminals but when the police are with them they must wear special armoured clothing 2 protect them from harm if the dogs would bite

Are German shepherds dogs from hell?

They're not dogs from hell. The lifestyle you live will directly impact how well a German shepherd will fit in your home. These dogs are not couch potatoes. They require daily exercise. Failure to do so will cause them to release their energy in other ways--some which you might not be fond of. They are also a very intelligent breed. They require mental stimulation, as they will get bored easily. Try hiding treats and have them find them or give them stimulating toys. If you do not have the time or willingness to give your German shepherd the appropriate exercise and attention, they may be a dog from hell for you.

Is German shepherd a athletic dog?

yes, as it needs a lot of exercise but many other dogs are considered more athletic.

How big was the biggest German Shepherd?

There is a specific type of Shepherd, the king, which is bigger than all others.

Are Akitas good with German Shepherds?

No dog hates another dog. If they are both socialized and good with other dogs there is no problem. Akita's however, have been known to live in harmony for years with another dog and then suddenly kill it for no reason so be careful.

What is more loyal German Shepherd or Akita?

German shepherd is incredibly loyal.do not let the movie abaout hachiko foul you.I mean akitas are also very loyal but hachiko is just one of billion stoties abaout dog loyality.gsd is the best breed

Who sell German shepherd dogs and why?

A reputable breeder breeds German Shepherd's as they adore the breed and wish to keep the breed pure and worthy of its lineage. Then... BYB's [back yard breeder's] who breed a couple for some quick money and finally, Puppy Miller's who keep various breeds in small cages and breed them, making a huge profit.

Where can you get a German Shepherd dog in Phoenix?

I'm sure there are a lot of shelter's and reputable breeders. Just type in 'GSD breeders in Phoenix' or 'dog shelters in phoenix' into Google.

What are the preys of the German Shepherd dogs?

German Shepherd's are domestic dogs and do not have prey, only the food in their bowl.

Is a male dog a German shepherd?

Every single breed, in fact every single mammal on this earth has both male and female of each gender. You don't have all male dogs being a German Shepherd and no other breed or else they'll all be extinct.

What is the life expectancy of German Shepherd dogs?

As a rule A GSD can live from 10-14 years of age depending on the breeding and how well looked after they have been, an inbred obviously won't reach much more than eight years and a mix could reach up to 16 but there are those who claim their Pedigree Shepherd has lived well up to 17 and still going!

How nice are German shepherds dogs?

they can get mean u have to play with them EVERY day so if u have 1 remember this cause im gettin 1

Are German Shepherds good apartment dogs?

I don't think so they are to big to keep in an apartment. No, I do not agree. Size has nothing to do with it, but breed. I wouldn't necessarily say a GS is the perfect dog for an apartment but it is doable IF you commit around 12 years to the dog of daily work and exercise, not to mention play time, love etc etc. GSs need lots of exercise and something to do. Otherwise you will be frustrated with the dog and the dog will suffer. You do not want to find out what a bored GS can do and will do .. or if neglected .... GS need to be with their human and wants to please its human. It's the mankind not the dogs that start the bad things.

How much do German shepherd dogs cost?

If you get your GSD from a good breeder, they can cost about $1000. Of course you can get one much cheaper at a rescue or shelther.

Are German shepherds the best dogs?

It depends on your personality and how active and best fit to the dog you are. They make a great best friend to the person who wants a 'partner' and a great guarder but must also be strong and calm minded and be able to give this dog a long walk and a workout every day.

Are Akita mixed with German Shepherd aggressive dogs?

Dogs that are mixed may occasionally have instincts that contradict each other, which can create a very confused dog. However, if the owner is responsible and is able to control his dog, then the Akita/German Shepherd mix should not have a bigger tendency towards aggression than any other dog. When seeing an Akita/German Shepherd doesn't wonder about whether the dog is aggressive but whether if the owner is responsible.

Why are German Shepherds good guard dogs?

they have a good sense of smell and can build a strong relationship with their owner so they will listen well German Shepherds have great instincts. They will sit on yourproperty and will not attack people, kids, or even other dogswalking by. They will bark at anyone and anything that attempts toenter your property. They will give their life for yours in anytype of situation. They are super smart as well. They also lookscary, which should keep people away.

Which German shepherd dogs are more loyal?

The German Shepherd is ONE breed! A Black and Tan won't be any less loyal than a White or Black. Colour makes NO difference.

Is a German Shepherd the strongest dog?

no not at all a doberman could crush a German shepherd because dobes are the second fastest breed of dog and has 1 of thew highest bite pressures. a doberman is the most reliable guard dog u can get a pitbull couldnot take a dober a doberman will kill the pitbull but the pitbull will do very serious injuries that u might even have to put the dober down just a dobermann owner can know, how strong the dobermann really is.

Are German Shepherd mixes good dogs?

generally no!! the mix breed with G shep often look beautiful but sometimes are of uncertain temper. also being larger dogs can be difficult to control if the behaviour starts to go wrong. do not go for this mix. Yes I know lots of people will reply that their dog is a mix and is pure sweetness and light, but in my 'expert 'experience there are too many problems with G Shep cross bred dogs.

What is the biggest breed of German Shepherds?

Possibly the breed known as "Alsatian", which is, in effect, a really big German Shepherd.

Can German shepherds do dog tricks?

yes sure if the owner train the GSD from 8 weeks and the GSD is very smart type of dogs which can learn super fast

How do you brush a German Shepherd dog?

Its coat should be brushed 3-4 times in a week with a firm bristle brush and almost daily during shedding season.

What kinds of dogs does German Shepherd have?

She has a Collie German shepherd lab mix named Cuna and she also has a Dalmatian named Pongo and a beagle named Duggle and a 3 legged Black setter nmed Sneer and a White German shepherd with blue spots named Pupcake and a black and tan GSD named Husky and a brown lab named Labby and a Border collie named Shep a Beauceron named Henry and a Boston Terrier named Georgia. She has an Appaloosa spotted leopard Appaloosa Horse named Dalmatian and a Siamese cat named Dachshund and a Tabby cat named O'malley

Who is bigger King German shepherd or Akita?

Akita, King German Shepherds aren't an official variation and therefore come in a range of heights, Akita's have a set height regulation.

Is the German Shepherd the strongest dog?

Well no.there arent realy any strongest dog they just are the same if they are little there weaker than big dogs.if there bigger there stronger than lil dogs.so the answer would be no there arent no strongest dog,but they are strong.:)

Why are white German shepherd dogs white?

If they are white, they are not German Shepards. They are probably their cousin, the Canadian/American Shepards.

Why are German shepherds used as service dogs?

Becase they are very beutiful and intellegent dogs they are easy to train and they are tough and intimidating you wouldent want to be bit by one the have over 500lbs of bite force and their jaw locks down so they cant let go that is enough bite power to break bones if you have any other questions e mail me at rentonstein@aol.com

How did the German Shepherd become a cop dog?

The german shepherd has one of the largest bite forces of all the canine world. That and it has a great sense of smell.

Are German Shepherds similar to another dog?

It depends on if the German Shepherd is a purebred or not.If so then the German Shepherd is related to the Siberian Husky the Samoyed and the wolf of course.

What are similarities of an Akita and a German Shepherd?

Other than both being used for guarding or home protection, not much. They do both have a tendency to be vilified as vicious or overly aggressive. This is of course completely subjective, as any dog not raised right can be vicious or aggressive. Akita's are generally not recommended for first time dog owners, or those that do not have the time and resources to devote to properly socializing and training such a big, strong animal. Akita's, like all other Japanese "Inu" dogs, are notorious for their stubbornness and independent streak. They can also be much less tolerant of other dogs, especially of the same gender. GSD's also need a healthy amount of training and socialization, but are generally considered a bit easier because of their desire to please their owners. Akita's started out as hunting dogs, and some still retain a strong prey drive, GSD's are herding dogs, although some of them have a prey drive as well. Hope this helps.

Are German Shepherd dogs good swimmers?

They are very talented swimmers and if they could be they could be a professional dog swimmers!!

Can an Akita kill a German shepherd?

Simple answer, yes. If it were stronger, bigger, and/or faster thanthe German Shepherd and got a good bite into the jugular, it couldwin in a fight.