Who would win - a cheetah or a lion?

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The lion is much larger than a cheetah and would win.
a cheetah because he would cheat
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Who would win in a race you or a cheetah?

It depends, if it's a short race, you would lose. Cheetah's can run 75 MPH. That's their top speed. A humans top speed is 20 mph, and that was an Olympic runner. I would say you lose. Luckily for you, if the race is about a mile, you have a chance. After running a little less than a mile, a cheetah (MORE)

Who would win a jaguar or a lion?

A jaguar would probably win since lions are pack hunters, and are not as deadly on their own. According to many sources, the jaguar is the second strongest big cat and has the strongest bite. However, a jaguar is nowhere near as aggressive, so it would be a pretty fair match. However, the male lio (MORE)

Who would win lion or a buffalo?

which ever knows how to fight Edit: In Africa, Water Buffalo and Lions frequently combat one another. The Buffalo is very dangerous, and gives even lions pause when considering prey options. It depends on a lot of factors who will win. Environment, stealth, wind direction, numbers ( of lion huntin (MORE)

Who would win a gorilla or lion?

A Gorilla would probably win. A Gorilla is far smarter than a Lion anyway, and it could pick up a boulder,log,ETC, and can even use it as a weapon. Plus the Gorilla has the strength of 8-10 strong men. The fight will never happen though, as they live in different places of africa.

Which would win a giraffe or a lion?

of course Lion is the winner. because Lion is a predator, they eat animals. So, in this case, Lion would have eaten Giraffe because Giraffe is an animal, and Lion is an egoistic creature. Lion always want to be the ONE. the Chosen One. xD It'd be risky to attack a giraffe, with its long legs and p (MORE)

Who would win an eagle or a lion?

e Before anyone starts whining we need to Determine who wins in the most categories Strength: The lion has larger and more powerful musles then the Eagle. So the winner in this category is lion. Speed: The eagle can reach speeds of up to 160 miles per hour, while the lion can only reach 50 m (MORE)

If a lion got in a fight with a cheetah who would win?

lion. ya but the cheetah might get scared and outrun the lion before that. Lion by far. Cheetahs are actually a bit delicate for big cats, although what they lack in brute strength they have in speed. Still, a cheetah would not be able to take down a Lion.

Who would win a lion or a hyena?

Lions and hyenas most often battle in packs or prides. The net weight of the pack and pride determines the outcome. The group having the largest gross weight usually wins. This means if the combined weight of the entire pack of hyenas outweighs that of the pride of lions the hyenas will win the batt (MORE)

Who would win a cheetah or a Jaguar?

a cheetah, in a race, but in a fight a jaguar would destroy a cheetah. If a cheetah cant winn against a leopard thats smaller than a jaguar, theres no contest.

Who would win the lion or the tiger?

A LOT of proof and evidence. . Tigers and lions are both fierce, powerful, and intelligent cats, each being the apex predator of it's habitat. But to find out which animal would win in a fight, they would have to be compared in many different ways. in this case, we are going to compare the African (MORE)

If a cheetah fought with a hyena who would win?

No cheetah in its right mind would fight a hyena in close quarters. Cheetahs are built for speed and lack the stamina for a protracted fight with a hyena with jaws that can crush the femur of a buffalo.

Who would win a cheetah or wolf and why?

According to the site provided in the Related Links area, it does not say who will win, but, I believe the wolf might win against a cheetah in a fight, but not in a race.

Who would win a gorilla or a lion?

Lion. Lions are predators, gorillas are not, thus a lion, which has more weaponry than a gorilla, would be able to easily win in a fight with a gorilla. Another answer: The silver-back would win because its far more intelligent and stronger than the lion and it would probably pick up a log an (MORE)

If a cheetah fought with a leopard who would win?

probably a leopard i know a cheetah is faster but that doesnt mean anything a leopard is stronger. A cheetah was ment to go fast, not to fight or crunch bone, there skulls are small, and body weight too. A cheetach doesnt stand a chance against even a hyena because its too affraid of geting injured. (MORE)

Who would win a lion or a snake?

A snake because a snake can slither out. Really, if it's arattlesnake it would win hands DOWN!!! but some snakes are so slowa lion would win. also if the snake was posinous and the lion atehim neather would win

Who would win a wolf or a cheetah?

there both about the same weight but the cheetah might be able to win but then again the wolf is more aggressive. Each animal has different advantages.The wolf:sharp teeth,sharp claws,great hearing,poor eyesite,and an awesome sense of smell.A cheetah has most of these characteristics,but have more s (MORE)

Who would win a wolf or a lion?

it would be a pretty even match as they are both very similar but in my opinion it would be a lion The user above me is misinformed. Lets assume we're speaking of the largest wolf (Gray Wolf) and largest lion (African Lion). First we'll talk about the Lions anatomy. Height: 4 feet Weight: 55 (MORE)

Who would win a lion or a cheetah?

Lion no contest. A Cheetah would be destroyed in this mach up its not even 1 fraction in size of a Lioness and Lions are the top predators in the animal kingdom. The Lion has this one.

Who would win puma or lion?

what are you thinking a puma will just run away because a lion is awesome answer 2 a lion a puma could stand a chance answer 3 a lion pumas won't stand in the heat there ment for the cold i think answer 4 lion

Who would win cheetah or wild dog?

Wild dogs.They work in packs and are very cunning, just likehyenas. Also, they are stronger, but smaller.If cheetahs worked inprides, the cheetah would win, but they don't. So the victor is theAfrican wild dog.

What would win in a fight a Doberman or a cheetah?

A cheetah, no contest. The cheetah is FAR faster, much larger, and is accustomed to killing its prey with a single bite to the throat. The dog probably wouldn't even see the big cat coming. Lesson: Don't let your dog off the leash in a wild animal sanctuary.

Who would win a falcon or a lion?

The falcon is a bird while a lion is a mammal. Lions are probably 100 times heavier and even more times stronger and powerful than a falcon. A lion can kill a falcon with just one swipe of its paw. There is no comparison or a fight. There is no way a falcon can beat a lion. It can probably fly away (MORE)

What would win a lion or a alliagator?

It depends on where the fight happens. On land the Lion is the superior opponent whereas in water the Alligator would win hands down. Depending on where the fight happens, either the lion or the alligator could win.

Would a jaguar win or a cheetah?

Cheetahs cant even win against a leopard, which are smaller and weaker than a jaguar, but in a race the cheetah would winn easily.

Who would win a cheeda or a lion?

In a race, a cheetah would obviously win, but in nature animals don't usually race, and if a cheetah were trying to outrun a lion to escape, a lion has more endurance and thus may be able to catch up to the cheetah. In a fight where the cheetah is unable to flee, lions usually win and kill the ch (MORE)

Who would win cheetah or hyena?

well its sort of a draw. the cheetah of corse has its super speed and big claws but on the other hand if the hyena got ahold of the cheetahs neck it would crush it because of its massive jaw power or lets say the hyena got ahold of the cheetahs leg it would lock those powerful jaws on and not let go (MORE)

Which is would win lion or gorllia?

Both animals are powerful and if you talking about a silver back gorllia it could head lock a lion and break its neck, and a couple swings can break its jaw, but with a loin comes weight, teeth, and claws do the math, an exceptional predator, Built to do nothing but kill, like bullets to King Kong t (MORE)

Who would win a lion or crocodile?

On land probably the Lion would have the upper hand, but near or in water the Lion would be doomed, the crocodile would drag the lion into water and drown the lion very quickly.

Who would win in a catfight the Tiger Lion Cheetah or the Jaguar?

First of all, let's get some size perspective. A tiger can weigh up to 660lb, a lion up to 550lb, a jaguar up to 300lb, and a cheetah up to 160lb. Cheetahs are lightly-built and slender, being adapted for speed rather than strength. They have sacrificed strength in order to attain their incredibl (MORE)

Who would win a lion or an ape?

A lion, without a doubt. An adult lion can easily kill a human ape(which are big as far as apes go) with one swipe of their paw.