Why are crows banned as pets in the US?

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well for some odd reason they are one of the species of birds that have been put on the migratory bird protection act. which is really weird since that unless a mob of crows has imprinted on a particular person they usually stay in their home terratory their entire lives. if you would like to see American crows removed from the list of birds that the act protects contact your local senator or congressman and ask them to do something about it
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Why did the Celts choose a crow and a bear as a pet?

Answer . The Celts were a desert people originally from the Berber tribal areas in North Africa who later migrated to the Iberian peninsular. It is unlikely they kept bears or crows as they are not common in that area.

Where were the Jim Crow Laws used?

Jim Crow Laws were used in the deep South United States. The lawswere strictly enforced and jailed black people who attempted to usewhite only facilities.

Do Crows use corks?

Yes they do, its to stop other players in the locker room from putting things up there.

Can you keep a crow as a pet?

If the crow is young, or has no way of being realeased back into the wild due to injury or some other reason, then it is possible to keep a crow as a pet. My mom had a pet crow when she was young; They are very intelligent and can learn to speak like parrots and macaws.

Can a homeowner association ban pets?

\nYes. You should review the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and the Rules and Regulations that were in force when you purchased your property. Rules regarding pets should be set forth in those documents.

Why are pets useful?

welll....there are many reasons really.... some people need pets,like..... who needs them - what animal are they (what it does) . blind people-dogs (help them to be guided). us-mice (they try medicine out on them and soon saves many poeples lives). us-cats (helps keep mice away). ect.... (MORE)

Where can you get a pet crow?

Since keeping native wild species in captivity is illegal in most jurisdictions without a permit, crows are not generally available as pets. Non native species, like the European Rook, may be kept as pets in some jurisdictions. To legally obtain a pet crow, please contact a local exotic animal stor (MORE)

What is a crow bar used for?

The crow bar has been used in many burglaries but for the most part it is used for general demolition, for removing nails, and prying apart boards. It is also very useful in taking out and removing roof shingles. The prybar is commonly used because it is a tool you must have if you plan on doing any (MORE)

Were was the crows nest on the titanic and what was it used for?

It was located on the foremast, above and behind the bridge. It was used to look out for collision hazards. Being higher up, the crewman on lookout in the crow's nest would have a better view. There was no radar in those days, and even radar did not save the liner Andrea Doria from sinking after col (MORE)

What is pet used for?

Often, a pet is used for pleasure or to have a companion. Many people living alone find a pet helps with loneliness - especially some animals that are very loyal and like a lot of fuss. However, sometimes people can just get pets for pleasure - not always a the good kind. Some people abandon their p (MORE)

Why was DDT banned from the pesticide in the US?

Myth-BUSTING DDT and Birds Quotations According to author and scientist Michael Crichton in 2003 ― « I can tell you that DDT [ ... ] did not cause birds to die, and should never have been banned. [ ... ] Banning DDT is one of the most disgraceful episodes in the Twentieth Century (MORE)

Why is the use of DDT banned?

That it affects eggformation, is water-insoluble, kills beneficial insects, andsettles into body tissues and the environment are reasonswhy DDT is banned for agriculturally-related use in the UnitedStates of America since 1972. Specifically, DDT affects the role of calcium carbonate in properavian (MORE)

When was child labor banned in the US?

In the United States it took many years to outlaw child labor. Connecticut passed a law in 1813 saying that working children must have some schooling. By 1899 a total of 28 states had passed laws regulating child labor. Many efforts were made to pass a national child labor law. The U.S. Congress p (MORE)

Why did the church ban the use of crossbows?

Something of a stealth weapon, more accurate than hand-draw longbow- and less noisy than a firearm. could penetrate arnor and useful as anti-knight weapon. Also in the bubbub of battle- or in a dense storm- walking in the rain here, the twang of a crossbow firing would be almost inaudible.

How did crow Indians use horses?

They probably used them for transportation. ==== Answer: The horse ( chii in Crow) was certainly used for transporting people, tipi poles and covers, equipment, weapons and much more, but there were also many other uses. Horses were used in hunting buffalo and other large game animals; a "b (MORE)

When did God use a crow?

If we use the term RAVEN to include CROWS, there are a few places where they are used in the scriptures. *' ANY KIND ' of raven was declared unclean in the Law covenant (Leviticus 11:13, 15; Deuteronomy 14:12, 14). *Noah initially sent a raven out of the ark, to look for dry land.(Genesis 8: (MORE)

What did the Crow Indians use for transportation?

We are fortunate to have the testimony of several warriors andchiefs of the Crow tribe, who told their entire life stories toAmerican writers they trusted and who included details of allaspects of Crow life. In "Two Leggings; the Making of a Crow Warrior" by WilliamWildschut (later adapted by Peter (MORE)

What products were banned in the us are they banned now?

There are a combination of mutual prudent restraint- on the part of certain products and manufacturers, regarding certain products that are not supposed to be advertised, by either law or custom, in the electronic media. Examples include Hard Liquor such as whisky, ( there are some exceptions as I h (MORE)

How do you get pet dark crow on wizard101?

First, you have to subscribe. Then, you play ranked PvP matches or ranked pet derby to gain arena tickets. You'll need allot for this specific pet because it gives a (death) card. The Toad dude in the pet place by the tree sells different pets beside the crow here, like the striped boar, Mouse Magic (MORE)

Why were m80s banned from the US?

Property damage, bodily damage, and the fact that M-80 firecrackers are overall destructive led to their banning in 1966 under the Child Protection Act .

Is it legal to keep a crow as a pet?

It depends on which country/state your in. For example, the law on pets in Georgia, is you cannot keep any animal that is domestic to the state of Georgia, as a pet

Where are pit bulls banned in US?

Not in the country as a whole. But in a few states, and cities. But with the ADA wich states any breed can be trained as a service dog, bans of breeds are being reapled.

Why were The Kinks banned from the US in 1965?

There's no sure reason. Some say because of how rowdy they were. Others say it was because America didn't want Brits stealing the limelight away from American musicians. my guess is the second.

Is network marketing banned is US?

Not buy a long shot. It is one of the most lucrative industries in the US and the world. It is expected to create over 10,000 millionaires in the next ten years.

How do crow help us?

Good question! There are a number of ways that the Crow help us, and many go unrecognised. Recent research has shown that the Crow are not only capable of tool use - they are also able to create tools of their own. In many countries the entire hardware industry is run and operated by the Crow, and C (MORE)

Should pet forming be banned?

In most cases, yes, pet performing should be banned. I think this because the animals get kept in captivity, which isn't bad, but they also torture the animals making them do tricks, and I'm pretty sure the animals don't like that.

How does a person gets ban from US?

there, I want to ask a question for a friend of mine , he wants to leave this county but he lost his passport and because he is a reugee so he cannot get a new passport from his county's consulate . He has a green card .Do you know how to get a ban from united states without any crimes? thanks for y (MORE)

Should animals as pets be banned?

Of course not. Most of the types of animals we keep as pets are domesticated. They would not survive on their own. Pets and animal companions are essential to humans, the need to care for and love an animal is has been part of the human race from the beginning of mans time on the earth.

Should government ban exotic pets?

Because EXOTIC animals are meant to be exotic and out in the wild Not in house. That's why there is house pets and domestic animals. Though their life span might be longer due to a safer environment... .

Did the crow tribe use spears?

Spears were not a common weapon among most tribes in North America and the main weapon of the Crows was always the bow and arrow, with clubs and knives as secondary weapons and thick rawhide shields for defence. Many of the Crow warrior societies carried decorated "lances" or staffs, often withou (MORE)

Does the US Constitution ban secession?

No. Article one section 10 outlines prohibitions on the states, Amendment 14 prohibits states from violating individuals' rights. Nowhere is the right of secession precluded.

How do you use PET?

Due to the lack of information we are not able to answer your question at this time. By providing more information allows us to accurately answer your questions.

Where are bull dogs banned as pets?

In 2009, the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines have banned dangerous dogs breeds from their privatized housing domestically and abroad. Many other military bases have similar policies banning pit bulls, rottweilers, and bull dogs.

What language did the Crow use?

The native Americans called Crow in English, Apsáalooke in their own language, spoke, and still speak, the language called Crow.

How can we use a crow bar?

Crow bars are used for two things: 1.) Prying open boxes or doorsor whatever, and 2.) smashing things.