Why are you a banana?

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If you a referred to as a banana, it often means you are silly.
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What can you do with a banana?

Bananas only have one major use. - Stuffing Daniel Lambs jeans. you can charge a psp and an ipod(probably other electronics to) with a banana. ther is a video on youtube ab

What is a bananas?

It is a type or kind of fruit that grows on a banana tree & it is yellow and shaped like the moon.

What does a banana do for you?

Potassium is the major benificent material provided by internal consumption of the humble banana. However, it provides 70% (in varying amounts) of nutrients (vitamins AND mi
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What can you do with bananas?

use to masturbate lick eat taste spit on squeeze throw tickle? dress up talk to (if your lonely) eat with kiss play video games with it make them kis