Why did Clifford the big red dog grow so big?

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That's an easy answer. All the love Elizabeth had for him made him grow big and strong.
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How big can a red crab grow?

The red crab is considered large when comparing them to othercrabs. They can reach a size of roughly 4.6 inches wide.

What breed is clifford the big red dog?

Clifford the Big Red Dog is actually supposed to be a bloodhound, but the author believed that having an all red dog would give the children a better association with the dog, not even for his breed, but purely for just remembering the dog. I believe he looks more like a red Labrador Retriever. Thou (MORE)

When is clifford the big red dogs birthday?

Clifford the Big Red Dog is a beloved children's book character whoencourages kids to embrace their differences. Clifford's birthdayis Valentines Day, and 2014 marked the 51st anniversary of hiscreation.

How big does boxer dogs grow?

The boxer is a medium sized dog, short haired, energetic and muscular dog. Males stand between 57-63 cm (23-25 inches) tall and weigh around 30-32kg (66-70lb), and females 53-59 cm (21-23 inches) weighing around 25-27kg (55-60lb).

How big can a red fox grow?

a red fox can grow to the size of a whippet or bigger . if you want to see the biggest fox shoot go to youtube

How big can boxer dogs grow?

The male boxer can weigh up to 70 pounds and stands about 2 feet tall. for the female: 55 to 70 lbs, 65 lbs being a good average. 21 to 24 inches tall at shoulder, 22 inches being average. (Best dogs in the world by the way)

How big can boxers dogs grow?

Male Boxers Height: 22-25 inches. Male Boxers Weight: 60-70 pounds. Female Boxers Height: 21-24 inches. Female Boxers Weight: 53-65 pounds. Some of them can get bigger all depends on how much you feed them, some get taller then others and some get stockier then others, Males are more (MORE)

Who designed clifford the big red dog?

The book series was written by Norman Bridwell. I believe he also illustrated the books, but I'm not certain. The television series is based on the books.

How tall is clifford the big red dog?

Normally at 15 feet tall. In the "A Ferry Tale" episode though,he appeared much larger. It was when he removed the Birdwell Island light-house's search light to help a ferry through a thick fog and onto the island shores.

Was Clifford the Big Red Dog turned into a horror movie?

I think it was. I saw an article on Cracked.com called '23 Terrifying Movie Adaptions of Children's Books' and on the front page there is a dogs head covered in blood with the word 'Clifford' at the top. It may be true but they may just be doing a spoof.

What actors and actresses appeared in Clifford the Big Red Dog - 2000?

The cast of Clifford the Big Red Dog - 2000 includes: Emily Bauer as Emily Elizabeth Earl Boen as Mr. Bleakman Ulysses Cuadra as Vaz Elizabeth Daily as Cousin Laura Grey DeLisle Debi Derryberry as Bob Debi Derryberry as Cosmo Michael Dorn as Skyscraper Jackson Tom Eastwood as Character Voice - UK ve (MORE)

Why is Daffodil not on Clifford the big red Dog?

Daffodil was probably given away to a new owner or also probablydied, somewhere between Clifford the Big Red Dog and Clifford'sPuppy Days. Daffodil does appear in the prequel show, Clifford'sPuppy Days, before Emily Elizabeth and her family moved to Big BirdIsland, because Clifford grew too big to f (MORE)

Why were Clifford the Big Red Dog and Clifford's Puppy Days cancelled?

While not specifically stated as the reason, so it could be acoincidence, but it certainly seems reasonable Clifford the BigRed Dog ended due to John Ritter's death in 2003. He was thevoice of Clifford. Clifford's Puppy Days presumably was cancelled for the samereason every show is cancelled tha (MORE)