Why do domesticated horses wear shoes and wild horses don't?

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because the wild horses don't have people to put shoes on them.

A long time a go, in medieval times, the King decided he would be safer on a hill. But on a hill, the horses didn't have land to roam in pastures, so they had to live in small pens or stalls, standing for hours in their own waste, which had ammonia in it. The ammonia weakened the hooves, so when the horses were ridden on the cobblestone roads, their hooves shattered. So, instead of actually fixing the problem and turning the horses back out to pasture as they should be, they just put metal on the horses feet, and actually made it worse, although they didn't know it was worse because it seemed better since the horses feet no longer shattered. So that is how horses started wearing shoes. But now, many people have gone back to the way nature intended and are leaving their horses barefoot, turned out 24/7, without shoes, clipping, stalls or blankets, and this is the healthiest way if you are willing to make the change and research everything about it.
The reason wild horses do not need shoes is because their hooves have not been weakened by ammonia and holes in their feet caused by shoes. Also, they run on hard ground (despite what many people think, they do not run on lush green pastures, but rather rocks rough enough to be used as a rasp, which is how their hooves stay trimmed at a healthy length) and their feet adapt to running on this hard ground and grow to be as strong as the rocks they run on.
Domestic horses can have feet as hard as the mustangs if you take the time to gradually introduce them to hard ground, like asphalt, and they too will not need shoes.
So, shoes are an uneducated quick, easy cover up for messed up weak feet, which domestic horses have because they have not been cared for the way nature intended.
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When was the horse domesticated?

There is no clear date when the horse was domesticated. Horses were used in Europe for centuries before they were introduced to the new world, and the native horses that went extinct in the New World were domesticated long before that. Spaniards brought and reintroduced horses in the Americas in (MORE)

What is the difference between domestic and wild horses?

"Wild horses run free. Domesticated horses are tamer. Those are the only differences." those aren't the only differences. Domesticated horses eat very differently to wild horses, for example wild horses wouldn't eat chaff and pony nuts, wild horses would eat grass and berries. they also live ve (MORE)

Why does a horse have to wear shoes?

Shoes act as a 'sheild' to the hoof so that the sensitve part won't be injured by rough terrain. Serious performance horses often need shoes.

If a horse was let wild would it still be known as domesticated?

It would be called "feral" as would its offspring, because any horse living in the wild that was once domesticated, or its ancestors were domesticated, is not wild, but feral. Yes, technically. It was once tame, and so was its ancestors, so it would not be considered wild.

Do Miniature Horses wear shoes?

They don't have to if they're not being used to pull carts on rough or hard surfaces like roads. If they're out in a pasture all the time and not being used extensively, then no they don't have to.

How old does a horse have to be to get horse shoes?

Some horses where shoes at the age of 1 year to correct themselves, but generally a horse will be shoed for the first time between the ages of 3 and 4. Most horses never get shoed. Shoes are put on horses if they are to do certain types of jobs or they have a foot defect. A healthy trail horse m (MORE)

Do horses wear shoes?

Not ALL horses wear shoes. There are many horses that don't wear shoes nor need to wear shoes. Shoes should only be worn if they are being used for draught or riding purpose which takes them in areas which may crack or damage their shoeless hooves. If they are ridden in parts that are grassy or not (MORE)

Do mustangs wear horse shoes?

No because most Mustangs are wild. The tame/domesticated mustangs wear shoes only when they have to or are ridden in areas that may damage their hooves. But their hooves are harder and tougher than most, so in most cases shoes are not necessary.

Do domestic horses wear horse shoes?

Yes they do, but many owners dont know that shoes are the worst thing you could do for your horse. It is best to keep them barefoot. Shoes cause alot of damage. If you care to read just how many ways a shoe is bad, read on, but ita a lengthy list. A.Walls cannot wear & maintain normal shape/length (MORE)

In comparing reproductive efficiency of wild horses to domestic horses the wild horse is?

The wild horse will probably have a higher rate of conception, this is due to natural selection. Having a high rate of reproduction is genetic, there for if you have a low repro rate then you have fewer foals causing less adults who are reproductively faulty. In the domestic horse you can use a diff (MORE)

Why were horses domesticated?

horses were first domesticated when the Indians domesticated wild horses so they can travel farther and faster. eventualy farmers domesticated horses to use on farms for work, now we use horses just for fun and sport.

Why do horses have to wear horse shoes?

They don't have to but wearing them helps prevent horses from damaging their hooves. Having a barefoot horses requires a knowledgeable horse owner and a good barefoot trimmer. A horse shoe is often used as a quick fix and to make life easy. It is not necessarily the best for the horse! There mig (MORE)

Can a horse run faster if it is wearing shoes?

It all depends on the surface that he is running on. And also if he is used to going without shoes. Horses that never get shoes have tougher feet. A horse that wears shoes all the time will have more sensative feet once the shoes are removed. Some horses even limp a little after having their shoes p (MORE)

Does a horse shoe hurt the horse?

No the shoe that the horse wears protects the horses hoof fromwearing down the toe. The horseshoe is nailed into the hard part of a horse's hoof wall.That area feels no pain, similar to when humans clip theirfingernails! There is a "V" shaped area on the underside of thehoof called the "frog" which (MORE)

Why Horses Wear Shoes?

Horses wear shoes because it helps them with their balance and gripon the ground. Not all horses wear shoes though. some don't needthem.

How do wild horse wear down their teeth?

Wild horses wear their teeth down the same way normal horses do... by eating! Just like captive horses, when they eat grass (or hay for normal horses) they chew the food by grinding their teeth. This grinding causes their teeth to wear down.

How are domesticated horses different from wild horses?

Mustangs or "wild horses" are horses that are or were born in the wild some live in the wild their whole life. But the usual difference is that domesticated horses are trained and you can ride without worry where wild horses are untamed or untrained and will and can do unexpected actions.. (MORE)

Why are horse shoes bad for horses?

This is a point-form version of what the link below says about the damage caused by horse shoes: A.Walls cannot wear & maintain normal shape/length - unnatural stresses on hoof as walls get too long - incorrect trim cannot be worn away B.Vibration (800 Hz) - destroys hoof wall and tissu (MORE)

Why does the domestic horses live longer than a wild horse?

Answer Because domestic horses are not subject to the kind of dangers that wild horses are, plus if they get sick or get injured they have humans in the form of their owners and veterinarians to help them heal and get better. They readily have access to shelter that is often better than what wild h (MORE)

What is the physical differences between wild horses and domesticated horses?

Wild horses were, naturally born in the wild. They have much more bucking power then domestic horses because they must throw killer cougers off their backs. They usually know how to break ice while many domestic horses don't. They usually have more sure footing then domestic horses. Some have been k (MORE)

Are horse shoes needed on a horse?

Not always. Some horses are blessed and dont need them if they have strong hooves. Ask your ferrier if he recommends them for your horse.

What shoes do warm blood horses wear?

This depends on the horse, their job, and their health. If they do, say, reining, they would likely have slick shoes for sliding stops. If they did jumping, they would have shoes with good traction. They may have orthopedic shoeing if their feet are misshapen. And some may be barefoot, which is view (MORE)

How do you care for a wild horses that is not domesticated?

i suggest, you take yourself and your wild horse to a horse breaker or trainer and get the horse domesticated so you can groom it and exercise it - or - wild horses dont get cared for by people, remember that. put another horse or two in the paddock with the wild horse and they will groom each other (MORE)

Why might a horse need to wear shoes?

A horse may need shoes if it wears it's hoof down faster than it can grow. They may also need shoes to correct orthopedic / hoof problems. Rarely do horses actually need shoes, but many people use them on their horses anyways.

Is horse a domestic or wild animal?

Some horses are wild, but most are domestic. If you are talking about where they come from domestic or wild, they were wild at first, but when the Indians found out they were useful they tamed them. Really, they can be wild or domestic.

Why are wild horses often smaller then domestic horses?

The same reason dogs look different than wolves. Over many, many years, we have selectively bred horses for specific purposes. Thouroughbreds were bred with long legs, bodies, and to have a huge lung capacity for racing, Quarter horses were selectively bred for quarter mile races and to work cattle, (MORE)

Why do wild horses not need shoes?

Wild horses don't need shoes because their hooves are tough and strong. Able to crush rock and other hard things without harming the horse. Most modern domesticated horses do not need shoes either, but people typically shoe them anyways.

Should horses wear shoes?

There is no simple yes or no answer to this. Some horses require shoes if they wear their hooves down too quickly. But the majority of horses can go barefoot and just use hoof boots on very rough ground. In fact many endurance horses go barefoot or wear boots instead of metal shoes.

Do mustangs and domestic horses both wear horse shoes?

By mustangs I assume you mean wild horses. No, only domesticated horses SOMETIMES wear horse shoes; it is not a requirement that they wear shoes. Two of my horses do not wear shoes and the other one only wears them on his front feet for orthopedic reasons.

Do you have to put a horse shoe on a horse?

No, but it is a good idea if you are going trail riding in a rocky area. Talk to your farrier and ask him. Some disciplines such as pro jumping and reining require special shoes. It can also help if they have injuries. But talk to your vet or farrier first!!

When did horse shoes for horses begin?

Horseshoes began in Roman times, the first ones used were leather strap on sandal types designed for horses as metal was extremely valuable back then and would not have been used for horseshoes. Metal nail on shoes did not come into being until after the 2nd century B.C, and were relatively common a (MORE)

What shoes do you wear if you have no horse riding boots for riding a horse?

The next best thing to horse riding specific boots are smooth soled work boots with a low heel. You could also wear 'fashion' style boots so long as they have a 1.5 to 2 inch heel on them. If you can only wear tennis or athletic shoes ask if the person has toe cages or Tapaderos to put on the stirru (MORE)

How are horses domesticated?

All modern horses are domesticated animals, some are 'unbroken' and wild, but this doesn't mean that the species as a whole is not domesticated. What do we mean by domesticated - The animals are able to be trained/used to be useful to man. Once trained they remain able to breed and produce progeny ( (MORE)

Why do horses ware horses shoes?

Grammatically correct/correctly spelled version of question:* "Why do horses wear horse shoes?" In short- The same reason you wear shoes. Not all horses wear shoes, but when they do it's to protect their hooves from being damaged. You see shoes on horses with sensitive/already damaged hooves weari (MORE)

Why does a horse have horse shoes?

Horseshoes protect the horses's hooves when riding on a dirt/orstone, or hard road. Wild horses did not need horseshoes becausethey galloped and trotted on grass, which won't harm their hooves. Answer2: Horses sometimes need shoes as they will wear down their hoovoesfaster than they can grow out wh (MORE)

Do wild horses have horse shoes on?

No, they are not needed in natural conditions. In the wild, they donot tend to stay running at high speeds for very long. They alsodon't run on asphalt or other surfaces that will put excessive wearon their hooves.