Why should you save the bobcats?

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We should save the Bobcat because if we didn't have them then the pests that they control by eating them would be destroying our economy.
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What is a bobcat?

A bobcat is a North America mammal of the cat family ,felidae. Their latin name is Lynx Rufus meaning lynx with red hair. They have a spotted reddish brown fur, tufted ears

What is being done to save bobcats?

in Illinois for example, bobcats are increasing and don't need too much help but there can be limited trapping and hunting seasons.

What do bobcats do?

Bobcats do a great variety of things during their lifetime. Thesecats hunt, breed, sleep, and play with each other. Lives just like any other animal. They breed, give birth, r

Why should wolverines should be saved?

\n. it would effect the food chain greatly and because the arctic wolverine eats the food from carcasses eaten by bears and wolves making the wolverine esential to removing t

What bait should I use for a bobcat?

Well a bobcat is a pick up truck in the well known video games Grand Theft Auto. therefore it does not need bait just an xbox/ps2 or xbox 360/ps3 and the patience to look arou

Why should a bobcat be saved?

Why shoudn't they? All animals have the right to live, and we humans need to learn that lesson. The bobcat is a very important part of the ecosystem, being a predator mainly o

Why should I be saved?

So you can go to Heaven. And so you can walk with God every day of your life.

How can people save bobcats from going extinct?

Stop hunting the cats. . Leave the forests where there are cats alone (they need huge areas to roam). . Do not hunt the cats natural prey. . Make sure the cat's natural pre

What should you do if a bobcat attacks you?

Do not crouch, bend or stoop. Your perceived size acts as a factor of intimidation to the attacking animal. Even raising an arm or arms increases the perception of size. (

What can a Bobcat do?

Bobcats are the most versatile small machines I've ever seen, Mostly the come equipped as front loaders, but the standard Bobcats can take a small backhoe, a bulldozer blade,