Would a mountain lion kill a chicken?

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Yes if it was hungry.
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Will a liger kill a mountain lion?

Yes,because it is larger and more stronger. . The Liger weigh 550 to 620 lioness is the stronger . than male one A Liger would defeat a tiger too and. also2to5 wolves.

Can a mountain lion kill a wolf?

A mountain lion would completely own a wolf if it was alone. Most wolves travel in packs though and a pack of wolves would detour a mountain lion from attacking in the first p

Can a panther kill a mountain lion?

Yes, the names panther and mountain lion can be used to describe the same animal. To protect its young, a mother can be expected to fight another to the death.

Can a cheetah kill a in mountain lion?

Yes if it needs to.If a mountain lion comes in a male cheetah's territory the cheetah will kill it. A female cheetah will fight with the mountain lion in order to save it's c